ADVENT is here!

Ready the Way of the Lord

2nd and 3rd Grade Preparing for Love

So many activities are coming and going and all happening at one time. So please read this Newsletter and make notes in your calendar.

Special Masses this week.

Tuesday; a Holy Day of Obligation, the Immaculate Conception. Father has scheduled mass for 12:00, Noon, at Holy Rosary. Please join us.

Thursday; a mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe a regularly scheduled 9:00 AM mass - each child should bring a fresh flower to give to Our Lady.

Christmas Program

Thursday; December 18 is the evening of our annual school Christmas Program.

The program starts at 6:30 but doors will open at 6:00. Students need to report to their classroom no earlier than 6:00 all dressed up.

Christmas Program practices have started and students need to have their costumes no later than next week Thursday; December 16 for the Dress Rehearsal.

Mrs. Nolting and I have sent home a costume set which you can use. If you still desire to make one for your child please return the one we passed out. If you are looking for ideas on how to make an easy costume, Mrs. Farias sent out a quick and easy way to make one.

Religion: so much to learn and share this special season. Of course we will continue with our Bible stories but Christmas in itself is a lesson to learn. We will begin the 'Year of Mercy' tomorrow, December 8. The students will be creating Christmas cards and we will have them delivered to the hospitals so they too can feel the love of our God even though they may not be at home. We discussed how the patients might feel seeing a card on their meal trays. We hope it will impart how they are being thought of and prayed for no matter where they may be.

Math: Let's not lose sight of keeping up accuracy and increasing the speed of their computation whether it be in addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. We are focusing on the Metric System versus the Standard System. Have your child practice looking for both ways of measurement in what you purchase. I know the US does not usually use the metric system but we need to be aware of both and learn to see the differences.

I ask that you all stay safe this season and keep everyone in your prayers.

Information regarding Classroom Christmas parties will be going home.

This Thursday, Dec. 10 - 3rd Grade will be coordinating the mass and next week, Dec. 17 will be 2nd Grade.

That will be such a busy day: Mass, Dress Rehearsal, and Christmas program all on Thursday, Dec. 17