Heifer International

About Heifer International

The Heifer International Organization is a nonprofit organization that is working to end poverty and hunger through sustainable community development. To help develop communities, Heifer distributes animals to link communities together through sustainable agriculture in areas with a long history of poverty.


Heifer International was started in 1944 when founded Dan West shipped 17 heifers to Puerto Rico. Dan West had been apart of an organization that gave cups of milk to refugee children. He then realized that it would benefit the community better if they had the whole car instead of just a cup of milk.

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More Information

  • Along with feeding communities, Heifer International also is a key supporter in the empowerment of women, by providing support for women's groups, training gender equality, and by sending girls to school.
  • Heifer accepts donations to aid in their battle for gender equality.

Heifer International's current CEO is Pierre U. Ferrari