Grade 1A Newsletter 4-8 May 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'The Magic Toymaker'

This week our focus has been Toy Sale preparations! The children have designed posters to advertise it and made posters for their stalls too. They have worked with cooperation in pairs or little groups. Please remember to bring in 5 pre-loved toys for the sale from Monday.

Next week, the children will sort and price the toys ready for Wednesday’s Sale. Please note that our sale will now begin at 1.45pm on Wednesday 13th May, so any Prep children doing ECA’s can come and buy beforehand.

We are so excited about this Global Initiative and will let you know how much we raise in next week's newsletter!

Language Arts

Over the next few weeks we are encouraging our classes to get to know children from the other Grade 1 August classes. This is a deliberate means to help aid the transition to Grade 2. We have got together as a grade during DEAR time twice this week. The children were asked to 'buddy read' with a child from another class. They were required to introduce themselves and try to get to know their partner a little better. At the end of each session we discussed the virtues they had used; many of them referred to confidence, courage and friendliness. It was such a positive process and the children gained so much from the experience, not only reading skills!

Writer's workshop is taking us by storm this week. The children are so engrossed with their 'toy' writing, they keep asking, "When is it writer's workshop?" They were given the task of creating a piece of work on the subject of toys. As our teaching focus has been on punctuation the last few weeks, we set the expectation that there must be evidence of such in their work. Whilst the children are writing, we 'conference' with children one to one to guide their writing. The essence of writer's workshop is to enable the children's own ideas and they are encouraged to use their creativity. You could hear a pin drop in these lessons, the children are so engaged.

Our CAFE focus will continue, over the next few weeks, to be Comprehension skills. "Good readers ask questions," is our teaching point. Whilst reading shared texts, we model what good readers do.


Subtraction with regrouping

This week, Grade 1s continued their learning of numbers to 100 using the regrouping method. The exercises helped them reinforce what they already know about regrouping, using bigger numbers but same rules.

The rules are:

Always start with taking away the ones first.

Is it possible? If not, regroup.

Next, take away the tens.

If they follow this rule, they will find the concept of regrouping easy with larger numbers. Comparing numbers is vital here too before they can subtract because they need to know whether it is possible to subtract 2 numbers. It is wonderful to see the majority of the Grade Ones working with confidence and determination!

Dates for your diary!

On the 15th May it is Founder's Day and school will finish for Prep 1 and 2 at 11.20 and for Grade 1 - 6 at 12.20. No lunch will be required.

It is on this day we remember the work done by St John Baptiste de La Salle in educating the children of the poor and establishing a Catholic Brotherhood.

As we did last year, Catholic children in the Upper Elementary School will attend a mass with the High School at 8.30am in the Indoor Sports Hall.

An assembly will follow mass where all the children in the Middle Years and Upper Elementary School will join the HS. Some of our grade 2 children will be performing.

Lap-a-thon Saturday 9th May

Global Initiative Toy Sale Wednesday 13th May 1.45 - 3pm.

TOP SECRET!!! Exit Point (The Magic Toymaker) Thursday 14th May

Founder's Day - 15th May Please note that school will finish for Grade 1 at 12.20. No lunch will be required on this day.

Myths and Legends unit of work storyteller Entry Point on Tuesday 19th May in the Library

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