WSCA Accountability Training

Show the Effectiveness of Your School Counseling Program

Professional Development that Hits the Mark!

As a school counselor, accountability is nothing new to you. However, with the prospect of a new job evaluation process around the corner, it's imperative that school counselors become experts at showing the effectiveness of the programs they are running. WSCA's new Accountability Training will assist you in finding, creating, using, and sharing data so that it is abundantly clear that your school counseling program is effective!

Setting up a one day training is easy!!

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You'll Walk Away Ready to Create your own School Counseling Program Accountability Report (SCPAR)

Does the SCPAR replace the SPARC-W?

Yes. Although the documents are very similar, WSCA has developed a new rubric for the SCPAR that is more specific to school counseling.

How is this related to the new Teacher Effectiveness Model?

Although there is no effectiveness model specific to school counselors yet, WSCA is anticipating that it will be coming in the future. Being able to produce a meaningful SCPAR, you will have evidence to include in your effectiveness portfolio.

Do I need to submit my SCPAR to WSCA for consideration for an award?

You do not need to submit your document to WSCA for scoring. If you would like your program to receive an endorsement from WSCA, then you do need to submit your document for scoring.

Do I need to do the training to submit an SCPAR?

Although the training is not required, WSCA believes that continued professional development in the area of data use is extremely beneficial and can help elevate the good things you are already doing. WSCA's training will give you the confidence to engage in the process of creating a SCPAR for your building.