The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution was when a union of English Parliamentarians and the Dutch stadtholder William iii overthrew King James ii of England. William lead a Dutch invasion of England allowing him to take the English throne with his wife Mary ii of England. Before this the Duke of Monmouth led the Monmouth Rebellion against James ii but was defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor. The Duke of Monmouth was the son of Charles ii who came to power after the death of Oliver Cromwell and Charles enacted laws and rules that played into the causes of the Glorious Revolution.

The affect of the Glorious Revolution on the rest of the world

The area most affected by the Glorious Revolution was Britain's American colonies. It caused a number of small rebellions in the colonies which were later suppressed. Following the Glorious Revolution the English Bill of Rights was written. This had a profound influence on the colonies, influencing the U.S. constitution and helping to lay the groundwork for the American Revolution in the 18th century.