Nassau, Bahamas

Crystal Waters, Exotic Foods, Tropical Air

Food Changes Everything

Let these exotic foods, tangle in with your tastebuds. A little nibble will change your whole world. Try an ice, cold chilled coconut milk with the company of a mouth watering coconut and honey cake. Rollercoasters are not the only thing that give you a rush. Caribbean carnival foods, like sweet, soft drinks and rum will have your mouth begging for more. Don't forget to experience many tropical fruits, fish and seafood, and a variety of vegetables. Why not add some spices for life bursting flavor. If your looking for something fancy have masala a mixture of coriander seeds, anise, cloves, cumin, fenugreek, peppercorns, mustard, and turmeric with Caribbean rice on the side.

It's A Wonderful World

The Bahamas' colorful culture is paradise and joy to your eyes. Part of Bahamian culture is music! Soca music and the meringue are popular dancing styles, but there is always room for traditional Bahamian music, too! Go out and play the national sport, the sailing of workboats. Or go see a workboats race. Whatever you choose.. HAVE FUN! The Festival of Junkaroo is definitely a place to bring your camera to! This traditional festival is both fun and pleasing to sight. The Bahamas are a mix of many cultures, but descendants of Africa are 4/5 the population. So who knows maybe you will make a new friend.The Bahamian world of culture is colorful, mystical, and wondrous.

Just Let Go and Have Fun!

Fun passes its maximum level here at the Bahamas. Come here once and you CAN NOT leave! The Bahamas are a perfect fit for you and your family. There are so many activities to choose from like snorkeling, swimming, boating, sailing, diving, fishing, golf, hiking, cycling, riding, birdwatching, casinos, gambling, and much much more! Sports do not have to be in a sweaty gym! Why not play soccer, basketball, track and field, volleyball, golf, cricket, or baseball in tropical Bahamian air! Water , water, and more water! Enjoy fun water activities in crystal clear water. Water sports are very popular in the Bahamas. Go crazy and dance! Dance to any kind of music you want. The Bahamas is a place of music and dance. Whether your looking for a place of fun and enjoyment or a place to kick off your shoes and relax, Nassau, Bahamas is always the answer!
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Back In Time

Nassau, Bahamas is a place where history comes to life. Danger! Build a fort or hide in one.The Bahamas hold many historical forts like Fort Charlotte, Fincastle, or Montage. Unlock a world of adventure by visiting Cat Island, which hold the ruins of Ambrister and Deveaux. "In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue," all the way to the Bahamas. Landfall Bay commemorates his visit. Memories can't last without photos! Stop by lighthouses, churches, blueholes, hidden cays, shipwrecks, plantation ruins, or coral reefs for a picture you won't forget! History might be boring, but the Bahamas does it with more flair!


The Bahamas have a variety of different languages! So don't sweat it and speak any language you feel comfortable with. You don't have to speak some high, fancy language! Any language is fine like English, which is the main language.If you want to learning Bahamian, it's as easy as pie! Just make your words lose some constants, rearrange the transportation of letters, and change some vowels and BOOM! Your speaking Bahamian. The Bahamas is a place of inventions like names! The names of people are very unique. Don't you want to tell your friends that your childs name comes from a place of paradise? The mixture of languages is one of the things that makes the Bahamas so special! Languages included are English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Hindi. Listen to the unique words rolling off peoples tongues... or speak them yourself!

A Tropical Breeze

Take a deep breath of fresh air while walking in the cool breeze under the glowing sun's heat on your skin, while sighting gorgeous flora laying in the tropical jungle. Discover what hides in the moist jungle air. You might find native trees, one of the 218 species of birds, or a magnificent piece of flora. Average temperatures from 75F- 85F are great for swimming with ocean creatures or sitting in the sand with a coconut drink in your hands. The temperatures are warm ALL year. So don't worry about bringing jackets and sweaters. Whether it's January or August, you can enjoy the paradise temperature. Don't think the Bahamas are a steaming hot wasteland. The average rainfall is 50 inches! Activites can be done with or without the heat! Now you know not to visit ice cold Alaska, but to visit the nice warm Bahamas!
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