Renaissance Music History Tour

From October 1-6, experience the culture of musicians!

Saint-Ghislain, Belgium

On October 1, we will be touring Saint-Ghislain, Belgium which is the birth town of Jean de Ockeghem. He was born there in the early 1400's.

Florence, Italy

On October 2, we will be touring Florence, Italy. In 1435 Guillaume Dufay was worked in the papal chapel, and a year later in 1436 Guillaume Dufay composed one of his most famous works Nuper rosarum flores.


On October 3, we will be touring Mons,Belgium. Composer Binchois because he was raised there, and became involved in church music and then started to work as an organist in churches of Mons, and eventually started composing his music.

Rome, Italy

On October 4, we will be touring Rome Italy. From 1489 to 1495 Josquin de Prez was a singer of the papal choir in Rome. It is believed that he carved his name into the wall of the Sistine Chapel while he was there. He was refined and was very inspired for his music while in Rome.

Antwerp, Belgium

On October 5, we will be touring Antwerp, Belgium. Orlando di Lasso lived in Antwerp from 1555 to 1556, and had his early works published there. Shortly after in 1556, Orlando joined the court of Albrecht V, Duke of Bavaria, becoming a very recognizable composer.

Deventer, Netherlands

On October 6, we will be touring Deventer, Netherlands. Composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck was born in 1562 in Deventer. Although he only lived there from 1562 to 1564, he visited Deventer in 1595, 1616 for his work.

About Us!

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