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Weekly Update ~ May 31, 2016

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Congratulations to the Class of 2016

Oak Grove 8th grade graduation will be held tonight, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. The ceremony will take place at Libertyville High School in the main gym at 7:30 pm. This is a non ticket event.

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

The Director of Curriculum and the Science team are interested in receiving feedback on our resource recommendations. The resources are available for review in the Oak Grove District Office, from May 26th through June 3rd, between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. While you are in the building for end of year activities, please stop by and see the resources we are considering for 2016-2017 implementation within grades 3-8. The resources being considered are all aligned to the updated Illinois Science Standards, support the science and engineering practices, and will ensure continued differentiation within every classroom.

Proof of Residency Reminder

If you received a letter from Mrs. Azzato requesting, "New" documentation for proof of residency, this will be collected at registration on June 3, 2016 from 9:00 am -1:00 pm.

Summer Reading

The summer months provide the perfect opportunity to extend and enrich your child's reading experiences. Please click here for information on summer reading opportunities, as well as, summer reading book lists for incoming 4th through 8th graders.


Great job in SEL this year! We had so much fun with kahoots, acting, music videos and more! Have a great summer!

Oak Grove Honor Society

On May 25th, thirty-two 7th graders became members of the Oak Grove Honor Society. These students demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.75. Additionally, they have demonstrated good character and leadership qualities in the classroom and their daily lives. Congratulations to: Pavan Acharya, Claire Arnold, Jane Arnold, Angela Becker, Arianne Berner, Alyson Chu, Megan Feeney, Kaitlin Gowens, Julia Hasler, Sebastian Ingino, Zaina Kagzi, Tristan Keegan, Quinn Kurland, Cate McCarty, Grace Muller, Quinn Murphy, Desi Nainar, Allison Parker, Rebecca Parker, Lena Perry, Jack Regan, Faith Roberts, Hannah Sachs, Olivia Sauers, Ella Schaffnit, Katie Stone, Lyann Tam, Sophia Thompson, Avery Vang, Paige Vang, Marilyn Yu and Jonathan Zhang.

Oak Grove School Education Foundation

OGSEF Awards Scholarship Recipients

The Oak Grove School Education Foundation was honored to recognize Tucker Goebeler and Kierstin Thompson as the winners of the inaugural Soaring Eagle Scholarship. Thanks to the strong support of the Oak Grove community, we were able to award two scholarships from a very bright field of applicants. Congratulations to these remarkable and exceptional young adults. Tucker and Kierstin truly represent the Oak Grove spirit. Good luck on your future studies!

Tucker Goebeler

Tucker attended Oak Grove from kindergarten through eighth grade and took his Oak Grove lessons to heart. While he is a strong leader both in the classroom and on the soccer field, what impresses us the most are his actions when no one is watching. Tucker created an anonymous foundation to financially support local kids in need, and the donations provide opportunities for kids to follow their athletic and academic dreams. Tucker states, "Oak Grove helped me soar by teaching me the value of supporting others without the need for direct recognition."

In the fall, Tucker will continue his education at the University of Illinois where he was accepted into the College of Business.

Kierstin Thompson

Kierstin Thompson also spent 9 years at Oak Grove School and has a strong passion for nursing with a desire to become a neoonatal nurse in order to help premature and critically ill babies and their families. Her dedication and leadership skills enabled her to be the ambassador of her Certified Nursing Assistant Program at the College of Lake County’s Technology Campus.

Kierstin will enter Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff Scholl of Nursing in the fall to continue her studies. Kierstin noted, “Oak Grove changed my life from the first day of kindergarten, and prepared me for a successful life. I will never forget my Oak Grove family that engaged, empowered, and inspired me to become who I am today.”

PTO News

May 31, 2016

Dear 8th Grade Dance Volunteers,

Thanks for making the 8th grade dance a success. The kids were smiling and laughing the entire night. The DJ dancer repeatedly commented that this is the BEST group of kids he has ever worked with. He said he has never seen a group where every kid participated and danced the way they did. He also commented on how nice and kind they were to one another.

Here is a dropbox link of photos thanks to Doug Chung along with a few I took during dinner and one group photo during the dance.

This dance took a village to pull off. We had over 75 volunteers who helped with this dance. That is an impressive number of volunteers for such a small class! The entrance, gymnasium, cafeteria, halls, and bathrooms were transformed to create a starry night ambiance in a few short hours.

The decorations committee was chaired by two amazing and talented women. Nancy Stevens & Kim Moody created the plan and secured the materials. Thanks to Darrell Wiatrowski who cut 100 cardboard trees that beautifully created the forest within the building. Also thanks to Cinda Considine who led the decorations for the outside area and to Anik Obourn for making the large 2016 sign and gathering the votives.

Thanks to all of these hard working people who dedicated their Friday of Memorial Day weekend to help decorate:

Cindy Sanderson, Cindy Harvey, Cristina Buelow, Maureen Burke, Liz Giamis, Kristin Brown, Chris Considine, Kaitlyn Considine, Rita Marra, Karen Kato, Lynn McCracken, Maria Guzman Bueno, Cindy Gleason, Kristin Mahoney, Tom Jermakowicz, Shannon Hertzler, Kristin Fayer, Anna Heard’s Grandma, Erin Heard, Mike Calsin, Emily Stone, Maureen Burke, Jennifer Hutchins, Anh Hoang, Doug Chung, Beth Kraft, Snowden Fink, Dave Fink, Paula McGuire, Lisa Rockenbach, Michelle Darnell, Brent Moody, Kris Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Ken Heard, Ed Dapier, Marisa Dapier, Maria Calsin, Cindy Moss, Carlene Lichter, Jeff Frantz, Max Sauers, Gabriela Riley, Amy Sekili, John Stevens, Spencer Stevens, Savannah Stevens, Anik Obourn, Dan Hill, Jamie Hill, Lisa Stone, Kathryn Jajich, Dave Fink, Svetlana Kzleandrova, Bev Sleep, Angela Mack, Ani Mattson, Jen Carabello, Jill Obereiner, Mia Hughes, Hope Moody’s Grandparents, Ben Moody, David Stone, Kim Moody, Nancy Stevens, Cinda Considine & Mary Jo Swift.

The beautiful graphics and logos in most of the signs and design were thanks to the talents of Amy Sekili. Amy also designed the adorable invitations. Thanks to Lisa Rockenbach & Cindy Gleason for putting those together in order to surprise the 8th graders at home the evening of delivery.

Thanks to the food committee who planned a delicious meal and a very fun s’mores bar (with real roasting sticks!) and chocolate fountain. Maria Calsin, Maria Guzman Bueno, & Lynn McCracken did an excellent job feeding the kids along with helpers, Karen Kato & Jennifer Hutchins. Special thanks to Libby Kotzan who doesn’t even have an 8th grader, but came to receive the food delivery while the other parents were home helping their children get ready.

The portraits were gorgeous. Thanks to Anh & Doug Chung for volunteering much time to prepare the backdrop, purchase & label picture frames, and take the photos. Thanks to Paula McGuire, Anh, & Doug who ran to Walgreens during the dance and had all photos framed and ready to send home with the kids by the end of the night. Very impressive!

The favors were a hit. Hopefully the blanket will be a cozy reminder of their special night and years at OGS. Thanks to Jennifer Hutchins for ordering them and making them look so pretty. Also thanks to Kristin Mahoney, Maureen Burke, Cheryl Gillespie & Rita Marra for helping prepare them.

The entertainment was perfect. The kids ALL danced their hearts out. They ALL left red-faced and sweaty! A few of the boys commented to me as they exited that they had never really danced before until that night. Thanks to Carlene Lichter for arranging for this DJ as well as the photo booth. Thanks to John Lichter who helped the entertainment set up.

The clean up was super quick! We were done within one hour and loading our cars by 11pm. The custodians asked if we could come back and do it every year! Thanks to Amy Frantz for organizing this process so efficiently. Thanks to the hard working crew who came to help, most who had already worked there all day:

Amy Frantz, Jeff Frantz, Thomas Wilson, Ken Heard, Erin Heard, Nancy Stevens, Nate Stevens, Maureen Burke, Tom Jermakowicz, Beth Kraft, Kim Moody, Brent Moody, Hope Moody’s Grandparents, Jen Carabello, Dave Fink, Russ Rockenbach, Galina Konshin, Doug Chung, Julie Jermakowicz, Dan Kraft, Karen Williamson, Jeff Williamson, Jamie Hill, Lisa Stone, Emily Stone, Svetlana Kleandrova, Jennifer Hutchins, Doug Hoang and Anh Hoang.

Thanks so much to the Oak Grove Staff who helped make this possible. Kathy Azzato fielded numerous questions throughout the process. Oswaldo Suarez was so kind and helpful in arranging all the special decorating needs and equipment as well as keeping a cool head during the decorating. The OGS custodial staff of Jose, Carlos, Nancy, Heriberto, Pablo, Luis, Mark & Brian were also generous in assisting throughout the entire day and night. Thanks to Mr. Fenton & Mrs. Jackson for attending the dance as well as our super star teachers, Mrs. Oesch, Mrs. Grambo, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. Swift & Mrs. Edelson.

We apologize if any names were accidentally left off of this long list. Indeed their efforts are greatly appreciated. We hope all volunteers enjoyed this experience. This is truly a very special group of kids and families.

Best of luck to our 8th grade children as they graduate & transition to high school.


Great news!! Pre-pack ordering deadline has been extended to July 10th!! The company has also changed their shipping service to UPS. This means ANYONE can order. There are no delivery restrictions to apartments or gated communities.

These pre-packs will include all of the supplies you need for your child's grade. Help raise money for Oak Grove with this PTO fundraiser by placing your school supply order at this link. Thank you to all who have already placed orders!!


Enter the school ID: OAK039

Any questions can be directed to Jennifer Liu jen_hen@comcast.net

Box Tops for Education

Congratulations to the following classroom winners for this year's Box Top for Education collection contest! Save room for ice cream! We are so thankful for everyone's support including the Jr. High. Our numbers were down a bit this year, so let's go for it next year! Please continue to save Box Tops throughout the summer so we can hit an all time high next year! We are also looking for "apprentices" to shadow us for the next year or two in preparation to take over the coordinator job when our current chairs say goodbye to Oak Grove in a few years. We've found a 2 or 3 person team is ideal and if you can commit to working together for a couple of years, you get into a groove and it goes really quickly. It's a great project for parents who want to contribute but need to do it on their own time at their own convenience - i.e. early morning, late night, a little at a time, while waiting for a kid to finish practice, etc. Think about it and call us if you'd like to learn more! Thanks so much. Have a good summer everyone!

2015-2016 Box Top Winners:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Taylor

First Grade: Mrs. Alghini

Second Grade: Mrs. Schmidt

Third Grade: Mrs. McCarty

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Moroz

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gibbar

Elementary Lunchroom Volunteers

We will still need one parent per day to volunteer in the lunchroom next year. The parent will help manage the elementary lunchroom recycling program and assist cafeteria staff as needed. An email will be sent within the next few weeks with a link to Volunteer Spot. Sign up for as many (or few) days as you'd like. This is a fun way to be a part of your child's day and provide a valuable service to Oak Grove!

Spiritwear Fridays

We are excited to announce Spiritwear Fridays for the 2016-17 school year! Students and staff are welcome to wear Oak Grove or Libertyville High School colors or Spiritwear each Friday to show school spirit. PTO Spiritwear sales will start when school begins. Items will be available with the new Oak Grove logo as well.

Faculty Wins Again!

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our virtual backpack.

Oak Grove School Board of Education

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