The Monthly Mustang

The Official Newsletter for Wedgwood School Families

March 2020

Stay Connected

During our school closure, I will be home like most of us nearly every day. If you need assistance, I encourage you to email me directly at I can also be reached by phone at my new mobile office line: (862) 308-0129. Feel free to call me between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily. Our school and district offices are not regularly staffed at this time, so I will be your primary contact for any needs or concerns you may have.

If you are without wifi or a laptop/tablet for your child, and have no other district-issued devices in the house (i.e. an older sibling in middle school or high school with a laptop), please contact me ASAP so that I can help get those resources in your hands.

Voicemail Access

Wedgwood Parents and Guardians: Please take a moment to ensure that your cell phone mailboxes are set up and emptied of old messages. Many of the calls that I've made to families during these first days of school closure have been met with messages indicating that the voice mailbox has not been set up, or that the mailbox is full and can not accept messages. Now more than ever, it's important that we can reach one another. Thanks in advance for helping us stay connected.
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The Kids Are Home...Now What?!?!

This is a time like no other in our lives. Whether you're a parent or guardian, a student, a teacher, or a principal, you're certainly trying to figure out new ways to accomplish most aspects of your day. In the last week, our staff has worked to turn our fifty-year-old brick and mortar school into an online center for distance learning. While our staff are reaching out daily to provide meaningful activities for and interactions with your children, the days are long when school is canceled. This unique issue of The Monthly Mustang is devoted to providing you with resources and some suggested schedules to help the days pass more productively.

It's important that we remain patient during this time. We are all utilizing technology to share and communicate in ways that we never have before. Lags and glitches are inevitable. It can seem like nothing is working as we want it to, but all parties involved are working to make it better each and every day. As a father of three school-aged children and the husband of a third grade teacher who is creating a virtual classroom culture of her own, I need to remember the importance of patience and understanding as much as anyone. Despite the challenges and worries that very naturally emerge during this time, I'm confident that the best way through it is by working together, helping one another, and remaining connected in every way we can.

Charlie Zimmerman


Wedgwood School Is Working Together!

Please share this video with our Wedgwood Students. Making sense of this school closure for our children can be a difficult thing. It's important for them to know that we don't have to be together to work together to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus!
Wedgwood School Is Working Together!

Resources From our School Nurse and Counselor (UPDATED March 20)

Mrs. White, our school counselor, is always available to support your child’s social and emotional health. She has created a page on our school website dedicated to providing support on how to help families navigate these challenging times. You can find those resources here, on our school’s Counseling webpage. Feel free to reach out to her directly at If you’re on Twitter, you can follow her @wwelemcounselor to access additional resources and support.

Our school nurse, Mrs. Sernicola, has compiled a series of COVID-19 related resources to provide information, ways to stop the spread of the virus, and healthy activities for families to engage in during school closure. Those resources can be found here as part of our school’s Health and Wellness pages. Mrs. Sernicola can be reached with any health-related questions at

Important Links and Resources

The following links, as well as all district correspondence regarding the Coronavirus, can be found on our WTPS COVID-19 Information Page. This webpage is a great one-stop spot for any questions about our district's response and school closure.

A Sample Schedule With Ideas To Make The Day Go By

School won't be closed forever. At some point, we will all return to our regular daily activities. It's important that we all keep routines of some type to help with that inevitable transition back to school and work. Here is a sample schedule of a day at home with time for remote learning and enrichment activities that would allow for parents to get their own work done.

*Disclaimer: What follows is a pretty packed day with a lot of transitions. The purpose here is not to impose a strict structure but to offer ideas for how to break up the time. Think of it as a menu of options; pick and choose what works for your children and your family.

8:00 - Make breakfast together

9:00 - An hour of schoolwork

10:00 - DIY Science project

11:00 - Exercise! Here are some Indoor suggestions

12:00 - Creative lunch-making

1:00 - Second session of schoolwork

2:00 - Round 2 of physical activity - we all need it...

3:00 - Healthy snack & DIY Crafts project

4:00 - Write, rehearse, and perform a play or mock commercial, or dress up time.

5:00 - Movie or TV break

6:00 - Prepare, eat, and clean up dinner; everyone helps.

8:00 - Board Games/showers/read aloud before bed

Baking Makes For Great STEM Learning

Looking for fun at-home STEM enrichment? Try a baking project (or any cooking, really). Use cooking as a way to discuss measurement and fractions. Is a quarter of a cup of oil different than a quarter of a cup of sugar? How many quarter cups are needed for one cup? What would that same measurement be in grams?

After you've done all the measuring, then you can think about the chemistry of cooking. At what temperature does butter melt? Or water boil? You and your child can generate hundreds of questions and answers about math and science by the simple act of making cookies.

Then, once those cookies are made, there are all kinds of story problems! If everyone in the family gets an equal number of cookies, how many cookies does each person get? What about the ethical dimensions of cookie-making? Who should get the most? The person who cooks? Who cleans? Who buys the groceries? Or should everyone get an equal amount?

Changes To Wedgwood Remind

Due to changes with the Remind system, we have archived our old Remind account from which we used to send text message reminders. We are now limited in how many people we can have in a group, and therefore we must create individual grade level groups. In order to stay connected using this text messaging app, you will need to sign up for your child’s individual grade level group. School-wide messages will go out to all groups.

It is important to note that the old Remind account has been archived, so please sign up for the new accounts as soon as possible.


Please identify your child's grade level for 2019-2020 and sign up for that specific group. If you have children in multiple grade levels, feel free to sign up for each group. The information is as follows:

The phone number to which to send the text is 81010.

In the body of the text message, type the following information (PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CORRECT GRADE LEVEL FOR 2019-2020!):

  • Grade 1 @1wedgwood
  • Grade 2 @2wedgwood
  • Grade 3 @3wedgwood
  • Grade 4 @4wedgwood
  • Grade 5 @5wedgwood

Get Connected with Wedgwood On Social Media

Do you want to know about all of the latest events and activities happening in our school? Our school has official Facebook and Twitter pages to help you do just that! Both pages feature nearly identical content. Click below to access our social media channels.