By Felicity and Billie

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Who Was Tiberius?

Tiberius was a Roman Emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD and ruled for twenty two years. Tiberius Claudius Nero, was a bright as a child but jealousy and anger became over him. As he got older her turned into a dark person as he built many prisons and forced people to be slaves he also murdered and killed many people.


Born: November 16th, 42BC Rome, Italy

Died: March 16th, 37AD Miseno, Italy

Occupation: was an emperor

Parents: Tiberius

Children: Germanicus, Drusus Julius Caesar

Siblings: Nero Claudius Drusus

Partner: Vipsania Agrippina (m. 19 BC) Julia the Elder (m. 11 BC)

How did he achieve his power?

Tiberius was a harsh but smart person, and had many strategies and made many sacrifices with the politics for achieving power. In his time of being emperor he had killed many people for various reasons, in doing this he gained power by killing people he didn't like, and made sure he didn't get over thrown. Once Tiberius poisoned his cousin Germanicus, when people stated liking him more. He was also a very fit and strong man and had many fights and wars.

How did he keep his role as Emperor?

Tiberius kept his power by eliminating threats, he murded upcoming emperors. He poisoned a man called Germanicus when people started to take an interest in him rather than him self. He used his power to intimidate and threaten people. Tiberius dealt with problems through violence and executed many for silly crimes. So many were afraid of what he would do if they stood up to him.


How did he use his power

Tiberius did not do anything without a reason. He did not attempt great conquests or move armies without a point. Tiberius used his power for little good but mostly bad. For good Tiberius improved the civil service and restored Rome's financial condition. For bad, Tiberius liked to execute people he got joy out of it. He executed Christians and prisinors that made little crimes. He usually killed them in large numbers to put a cross a point that he was in charge. He built prisions and forced people to be his slaves. Sometimes, he ended up killing them.

Tiberius' Family