Ocean Marine biome

Blanca Sanchez & Julyssa Abrego

Ocean climate

  • Climate=Is mostly varied climate varies from 40degrees Fahrenheit to over 100degrees
  • Average temperature=Is 39 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average pricipitation=In the marine biome is 60to25inches.Also makes up 70%of the earths water.
  • Seasons on Ocean=Spring,Summer,Autum,Winter
  • Locations=Five oceans including the Artic,Alantic,Indian,Pacific,and Southern

Oceans living things

Oceans Living Things

  1. Plants Animals.
  2. Purple coral. 1.shark
  3. Kelp. 2.dolphin
  4. Seaweed. 3.octopus
  5. Seagrass. 4.starfish
  6. Red Algae. 5.seal
  7. Coralline Alga. 6.jellyfish