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ZZZ Safety- Burglar and Fire monitoring deals for businesses

Exceptional burglar/fire monitoring deals

ZZZ Safety has exceptional deals for burglar/fire monitoring. We offer wireless fire monitoring at $39.99/month and burglar monitoring at $19.99/month for businesses with 3 years contract. We will install wireless fire communicator at your premise for $399.99. Existing burglar system can be switched for $99.99. We will offer discount if customers choose to switch both burglar and fire. Overall, customers begin saving immediately while gaining benefits of the latest technology.

Our broad range of products

Your Security, Our Priority

Fire communicator

With wireless fire communicator businesses are more secured. In addition, businesses do not require traditional phone lines anymore. Our team will install and connect wireless communicator with existing fire control panel. By switching to our fire monitoring plan businesses are upgrading and saving. Approx time for upgrade: 1.5 hours.

Burglar alarm monitoring, camera, and other tools

Our burglar monitoring rate is very low at $19.99/month. Our appointed technician will set burglar control panel to communicate to our monitoring station. Customers begin saving immediately. Approx time for upgrade: 1 hour.

We also offer automation and access control tools along with cameras that keep your premises further safe. Our offered cameras are self install plug and play. Camera monthly costs vary depending on your storage requirements. Please call us and let us know what your needs are and we will recommend solutions for you.

Our monitoring station

Our monitoring station provides 24x7x365 support with super low average response time. Our monitoring station is UL listed with redundancies.

Please contact us with any questions/inquiries.