The Periodic Table

The Creation

How was the Peridic Table Made?

The periodic table started off as a list of all the know elements. Many scientists tired arranging the elements in different ways. One chemist organized it by weight. Another arranged it by putting elements together to see how they reacted with one another. Bu doing this he discovered that different elements had the same properties as other elements. After finding this out, they soon realized that this was for a reason.

Finally someone called Dmitri Mendeleev thought of a way to organize this. He made different cards of each element so he could think of a way to arranged them. He thought about the atomic mass weight of each element and their different properties. Some people say that he thought about this for 3 days and 3 nights till he fell asleep. While he slept he dreamt of the periodic table. Not only did his create this, he was able to come up with some elements that weren’t even discovered yet.