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  • In Arizona, women aren't allowed to wear jeans or any other sort of trousers. This makes absolutely no sense to me: women are free to wear whatever they want, wherever they want to.
  • In Michigan, when a man and a woman are married, the woman is the man's official possession. This is ridiculous to me. Women are never, ever someone's possession.
  • In Pennsylvania, women need to get permission from the law to wear make-up. This is so weird, women should be able to do what they want when it comes to make-up.


In America, equality seems to be a rare thing sometimes. I feel like there aren't enough laws to create a safe space for some groups of people.

  • There need to be laws about rape that are very clear. As soon as a man tries to touch a women without her wanting it, it's rape, and the man needs to be arrested, no matter if the woman was "asking for it" with a short skirt or anything. Very many women who are raped were told they were asking for it or it was their fault. This needs to be stopped, right now.
  • Last few months, more than 60 unarmed black people aged 0-50 have been killed by the police for no good reason at all. This needs to be stopped. There should be a law that the police isn't allowed to kill people, and only shoot when the person seriously has a weapon. When a police officer kills an innocent person, he doesn't only has to be fired, but needs to go to jail as well.
  • In a few states there are laws that abortion isn't allowed. I want to create a law that abortion is Always allowed, everywhere, every time, for every person, and it needs to be very cheap. When a women gets raped and gets pregnant afterwards or is very young, she should Always have the option to get an abortion.
  • I think marihuana should be legalized everywhere, instead of alcohol. When something's legalized, especially young people aren't as interested in it as when it's illegal, because it's no longer that cool to do. Besides, marihuana is in my opinion not bad for your health, and it's your own decision. Marihuana is used to cure a lot of diseases, even cancer, and it doesn't cause health problems. Alcohol does, and many people are dead because of alcohol, and not because of marihuana.
  • Gay marriage should be legalized in every state of America. Right now only a few states are open for gay marriage, but of course, you need to be able to marry the one you love everywhere: whatever your sexuality may be.


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My vice president will be Puck van Loon, because she has great ideas as well. She cares a lot about equality for women and she has very good ideas for laws, that will create a better and safer place for people in America. Puck is very good at talking, presentations and convincing people. I think it's great to have her standing by my side as a vice president, and she'll bring lots of good ideas.


As you've seen I'm really caring about equality. My plans for America are to make it a safe place for everyone: people from every color, nationality, religion, gender and everything more. I also want to change a lot about insurances, prices, trading, jobs, homeless people, jails and much more. I think my plans are endless and I really have many ideas about laws and about America, but I'm hard working and ready to make a change!

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Obama is a good example for me. Obama thinks it's very important to legalize gay marriage everywhere. Obama thinks equality is very important and wants to fight for equal rights. I don't think for all of them, but of course, he is very busy with all the problems America has.

Obama also wants equal pay. People who are gay or transgender often get fired, and women get less money than men. Of course, I also want to achieve this.

Obama also cares about climate change, economy, gun violence, health care and inequality for women. Those are, in my opinion, the most important things to focus on.