Amazing Grace

Mary Hoffman illustrated by Caroline Binch

  • The artistic style is realistic. The text is separate from the illustrations so that you can focus on the story. There is a lot of interplay between the images and the text.
  • The book contains illustrations including double page spreads, single page images, overlapping images and portraits. The images change within each page to keep the reader interested.
  • The style of images stay consistent throughout the book, however she doesn't use strictly one color, she uses a blend of colors within the illustrations to show the realistic quality.
  • The characters are the foreground on the pages with plain/simple backgrounds.
  • The bigger pictures catch your eye before the text does because there are bright colors and they represent the main ideas of the story.
  • The illustrator uses yellow, green and red a lot throughout the book. In particular she uses red to show the main characters energy and passion.
  • White creates a contrast so that you focus on pictures and texts. In some areas of the book the illustrator uses blank or white space to place more of an emphasis on the illustrations.
  • The text contains surrealism but the pictures portray it realistically.
  • The colors are reoccuring, the cat and she always has an accessory in her hair to draw attention to her face.
  • The borders and boxes stick out and seem irrelevant.