Childhood Cancer Ministry

We provide 'new diagnosis' bags to children recently diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer.

Project Golden Hope is a ministry that provides large canvas 'new diagnosis' bags for children and their families after the child has been newly diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer. We provide the bags to Bi-Lo Children's Charities Cancer Center who then give the bags to the family during their initial clinic visit or first, and sometimes immediate, hospital stay. We provide bags for different age groups and genders and provide practical items such as toiletries as well as gift cards and comfort items. We also provide information for support and help during such a difficult time of life.

Project Golden Hope will also provide snacks for the pediatric oncology clinic. Children and their families often spend long hours there and basically the only snacks provided are saltines, graham crackers and little tubs of peanut butter. We hope to provide snacks such as...... peanut butter crackers, cheese cracker, mini muffin bites, pudding, Gold Fish crackers, gummy fruit snacks, Little Debbie snack cakes, animal crackers, small chip bags, and small bags of Oreos.

Items that we provide in the 'new diagnosis' canvas bags are.....

-gift cards

-DVD's ($5 bin at Walmart)

-Action figures for young boys

-Barbie's or baby dolls

-Matchbox cars

-Plush character & non-character blankets

-Razors (men & women)

-Shaving gel (men & women)


-travel size lotion

-travel size q-tips

-travel size soap



-travel size mouthwash

-sketch pads for older kids

-drawing pencils

-travel size hand sanitizer

-card games for kids


-non-slip socks

-books for different ages

-Jesus Calling devotional book







-coloring books


We accept any and all donations to help these children and their families. We know what they are going through. The founders of Project Golden Hope have experienced it themselves. Angela Stansell's two daughters were diagnosed with different forms of childhood cancer. Her oldest was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 8 months of age and her youngest daughter was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor, at age 11. Kelly Johnson's son was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, DIPG, at age 15 and lost his battle with childhood cancer at age 17 on December 27, 2014. Having experienced childhood cancer on a deeply personal level, they felt God was leading them to help others going through the same things they experienced themselves so they created PGH.


Founders - Angela Stansell and Kelly Johnson

If you have any questions, you can contact us at: OR

For monetary donations visit the Marathon Church website and specify Project Golden Hope in the memo area.

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