Croydon's History

By Angela and Jasmine

Who were the original inhabitants and how did they live?

The aboriginals were the first inhabitants of Australia and their lives were peaceful and happy until the British Settlers arrived. Before the British Settlers arrived at what we know as Sydney Harbour. The aboriginal men were hunters who hunted kangaroos, fish and emus. The aboriginal women gathered fruit,grubs and herbs. Aboriginals made shelters out of bark,branches and animal skin. Also, aboriginals moved from one place to another if food became scarce. This allowed the area to regenerate.

Who were the first settlers,why did they move into the new area and how did they live?

The first settlers in Australia were the Europeans and the British. Captain John Townson was the first resident of Croydon and the first women who lived in Croydon was Sarah Nelson. The British settlers moved into Australia because the ground was very flat and the soil was very fertilised. The British settlers lived in grand mansions and most of them had farms growing fruit,vegetables and had animals for meat. Also, John Townson's house got burnt down by the Aboriginals bacause he shot at them.
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What Are Some Of The Major Events Of Our Area?

Some of the major events in Croydon are :

In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip and the first fleet began the colony of Sydney.

In 1791, Parramatta road was built.

In 1876, Five Dock station was renamed Croydon station.

In 2013, the Croydon Post Office celebrates it's 100 years anniversary.

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What Is Croydon LIke Today?

Croydon is a residential and multicultural surburb. The population of male people [49.3] is just under the population of female people [50.7]. Also, most of the people who live in Croydon are between the age of 35 to 49 [22.6]. Moreover, most people in Croydon have one vehicle[36.3] and most people in Croydon speak English [61.5]. Furthermore, most people in Croydon are born in Australia[57.9] and most people's occupation is being a professional[24.3].
Australian Aborigines