Sunday Shout Out

October 11, 2015

Safe Schools Training

Don't forget to complete your online training, it is due on November 1st.

Coming up..

Check out the Elementary Staff Calendar for upcoming events.

Tuesday- 10:15am Fire Drill

Thursday- Afternoon FFA Activities


Thursday Afternoon

This Thursday all students will participate in a fun afternoon of activities planned by Era FFA.

Kindergarten will have a modified combined version of all activities.

Grades 1-5 will rotate through 5 activities throughout the afternoon. Each grade will have a few FFA students to help through the rotations but you will need to stay with your classes through each rotation. (More info and a schedule to come...plan for around 1230-300)

This will interfere with your conference times for Thursday afternoon, so please be prepared this week to plan ahead because you won't have planning time Thursday.

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I came across this article yesterday and it really made me think. First of all, I think it's brilliant. Capitalizing on productivity is what we should all be doing. Second, this article really has me thinking about the next generation of workers and how this will look in the next 30 years and what we are doing to prepare our kids for this.

Anyways, I keep thinking about this article and wanted to share it with all of you. I know we are all looking forward to a short week, so let's be productive and complete all we would in a 5 day week in only 4 days:) #kiddingnotkidding:)