Tycho Brahe

By Abby Dougherty


Born in Kuntstrup, Denmark,1546, Tycho Brahe was from two very powerful noble families. The men in Tycho's family severed Danish kings and sat on the Rigsraad, the most important council in Denmark. He went to the University of Copenhagen at age thirteen and studied rhetoric and philosophy.


Tycho wrote two books,-De stella nova (1573) and De mundi aetherei recentioribus phenomenis (1577). Tycho also spotted a new bright star near Cassiopeia. Other astronomers too soon noticed the nova, but it was Tycho who provide the best evidence with his huge statement that the new star was as immobile as the other fixed stars. Another achievement of Tycho was that he calculated nearly 800 stars with an unparalleled accuracy.

Impact on Today

Tycho Brahe has improved astronomy and helped humankind better understand Earth's place in the universe. His observations of the supernova and comet revised earlier beliefs about the universe.

Interesting Facts

  • Even without a telescope, Tycho Brahe and his observations shaped modern astronomy.
  • At the age of nineteen, Tycho was involved in a duel over a math emblematic point, during which he lost his nose and wore a silver prosthesis for the rest of his life.
  • Proposed the idea that a solar system in which all the planets orbit around the sun, but Sun orbited the Earth( to account for a year), and the celestial sphere made a single rotation each day.
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