Lucille Nash Board Report

Monday, September 14, 2015

McFarland USA

Students at Nash are buzzing about McFarland USA. All students have watched the movie in their ELAR classes and are having meaningful discussions throughout the building about overcoming obstacles and the importance of hard work. Students are discussing main idea and theme, journaling about the growth of the characters, and debating the necessity of the changes in the movie plot vs. the true story. We, as a campus, will return to the lessons learned in McFarland throughout the year and continue to make Nash extensions. If you haven't had an opportunity to see the movie, we have a copy that you are welcome to borrow!

Fundraiser Kickoff

We kicked off our annual fundraiser Wednesday, September 2nd. Last year, students sold 1,614 items in an effort to earn their way on the Party Bus. We set a goal of 1,620 items for our campus. If they meet this goal, students and staff will get to vote for either Mr. Penn or Mrs. Keith to dress up like a minion for the day. Students will use their gmail address to log in and vote on a new google form. Three cheers for Mr. Penn!

Current Enrollment

5th Grade: 297

6th Grade: 269

Campus Total: 566