Float into Space

What does it look like?

The Asteroids itself is small, it is dark gray and irregularly shaped.

They are often pitted(pores) or cratered. And most of them are metallic.


There are hundreds and thousands of asteroids in space but Ceres is the largest!

What are Asteroids?

What are Asteroids | Mocomi Kids

Where does asteroids live?

Asteroids lie in between mars and jupiter. That specific place is called the asteroid belt.

How do they move?

The asteroid's job is orbit the sun while it is rotating. Very similar to the earth and other planets. But the only difference is that it rotates in different ways and not the same direction.


Not all asteroids are in the asteroid belt!

Are they planets?

No asteroids are not planets, minor planets but not actual planets. They are too small but they all have one to twos moons each!

Usually Called:

  • Planetoids

Comets & Asteroids 2009

Did You Know?

  • Asteroids are dangerous
  • They are completely Airless