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Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers


One of the coolest things about Google Chrome is the ability to completely customize the browser to fit your needs. For example, adding Extensions is a really nice way to make your browsing life easier. These are additions to the browser that allow an easier, more efficient experience each time you log on. On a recent #ditchbook Twitter chat, educators from all around the nation chimed in and offered their favorites. A collection of a few of those are below.

Extension vs. Add-On?

Confusing a Google Chrome Extension with a Google Apps Add-On can be extremely easy to do. You're essentially adding something to a program to make it easier for you as the teacher. As mentioned, an Extension is something added to Google Chrome to make the browsing experience simpler. Whereas an Add-On is basically a program that you attach to a Google App for a specific purpose within that app, used for a specific purpose. Clear as mud, right?! For more clarity, visit this blog post by Eric Curts to learn more about the difference.

The Eye Dropper

One of the extensions, which is my personal favorite, is the Eye Dropper. This allows you to customize colors to create a sleek look when you're designing. If you've ever wanted to match the exact color from a logo or website, the Eye Dropper does just that. You're given a square to hover over which color you'd like. Then, once you click to select it, you're given the hex code for that color to paste into the design program so you're able to have the exact color replica.


We've all written something and ran a spell check to ensure the obvious words were correct. The Grammarly extension is just that, for Google Chrome. Adding this extension means that no matter where you type on the web, whether a blog, email, Facebook, or Twitter, your spelling and grammar will be checked via Grammarly.

Alice Keeler Gradebook Split

If you're wanting to transfer grades from an assignment in Classroom to your gradebook, the Alice Keeler Gradebook Split is a must! This extension "breaks" two tabs into two windows, allowing for a side by side transfer to occur. Additionally, this could be used to have a student's essay in one window and a grading rubric in the other window, making for an extremely efficient time grading.

Share to Classroom

This extension is terrific for pushing content out to students in a flash. If you're on a website, reading an article, or viewing a video that you'd like to share with your class, all you need to do is click the "Share to Classroom" Extension. From there, you are able to choose which class it is shared with and is immediately pushed out, without ever leaving Google Chrome, or opening up Google Classroom.


Of course there's the Add-On in Google Docs that allows you to cite sources and then flow them into a Doc. However, the Easy Bib Extension goes a step further. In addition to citing the website you're on or the article you're reading, Easy Bib will also determine the credibility of a given source. Then, once all of your sources are credible and saved, you can create a Works Cited page directly from the Extension.

NOPE | Can't Right Now

An extremely fun Extension that I just learned about is the NOPE Can't Right Now Extension. With this Extension, you enter in your phone number and have an easy distraction if you're needing a break from someone or something. By simply clicking the NOPE Extension, it will call your phone and you are able to avoid talking to that bothersome co-worker, or sitting through another less than stellar presentation!

Additional Resources

Massive lists of Extension for teachers are all over the Internet. So, if you're wanting to check more of these out, this blog post by Matt Miller offers several more options. Or, you can simply visit the Chrome Web Store and browse the countless Extensions for you to try.

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