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August 2017

Welcome to the Social Studies Scoop, our new monthly bulletin for 6-12 social studies teachers in CCS. The Scoop replaces Civitas, our previous newsletter.

In this edition:

  • Introducing Social Studies Course Sites
  • Revised Model Lessons for Modern World and American History
  • Preparing for Ohio's State Tests in American History and American Government
  • Elimination of Social Studies 6 State Test
  • High School Mock Trial
  • Youth at the Booth - Deadline: August 30, 2017


Introducing Social Studies Course Sites

The Social Studies Instructional Resource Portal has been replaced by Social Studies Course Sites. Social Studies Course Sites provide lessons, strategies, and content resources aligned with Ohio's Learning Standards for each grade level and course.

Course Sites are maintained on the district's G Suite server. To access Course Sites, you will first need to log in to Google with your CCS email address and password. If you get a "404" message, you are not logged in to CCS G Suite (you may be logged in with a personal account).

Access Course Sites from the following link:


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Revised Model Lessons for Modern World History and American History in Google Drive

The Model Lessons for High School Modern World History 9 and American History 10 are now available in Google Drive, with all documents in editable Google Docs format. This allows you to make a copy of each document to your Google Drive, edit the files to meet your needs, and post them as assignments in Google Classroom (or print them out). The first semester lessons are posted now; second semester will be added this fall. You can access these lessons from the Social Studies Courses Sites (see article above).

In the process of making the file conversions, we made a number adjustments to the lessons. The curriculum map, standards, and unit structures remain the same, so the changes are in the internal components of the Model lessons. A quick synopsis of some of the changes:

  • redesigned the lessons and resources in editable Google Docs format so they can be assigned digitally through Google Classroom or printed;
  • eliminated the number of "Days" in the lesson plan outline and instead presenting a variety of "Activities" with bullet points of suggested ideas;
  • added performance-based assessments/projects to each lesson;
  • revised the lesson assessments to include additional types of questions that model the state test (e.g. multiple select, drag and drop, evidence-based questions) (American History only)
  • eliminated some of the extraneous worksheets;
  • enhanced some of the worksheets with more rigorous tasks -- e.g. instead of providing students with a list of Progressive era legislation, the handout asks students to research legislation and explain its meaning and significance

Overall, we aiming for more flexibility, so the Model Lessons serve as a starting point that can be coupled with other resources, such as the DBQ Project materials that are available in the building and online resources from the Reading Like a Historian curriculum, Newsela, and Common Lit.


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Preparing for Ohio's State Tests in American History and American Government

For the Spring 2017 administration of Ohio's State Tests in Social Studies, CCS showed significant improvement in American Government proficiency rates, but a decline in proficiency rates for American History. As we continue to build on our success and meet our challenges, please make use of the following resources, available on the Social Studies Assessments webpage.

  • Teachers Guide to the State Tests;
  • Ohio Test Prep website (revamp coming in September 2017);
  • Released Test Items by Content Statement (2017 update will be emailed the first week of September);
  • Student Review Guides; and
  • Practice Assessment on Edcite.

In addition, we have copies of Mastering Ohio's American History State Test and Mastering Ohio's American Government State Test by Jarrett Publishing. Please contact Matt Doran regarding these resources.


Elimination of Social Studies 6 State Test

HB 49 (Ohio's Budget Bill), signed by Governor Kasich on June 30, 2017, immediately eliminates Ohio’s State Tests in social studies for grades 4 and 6. The bill also requires that each district or school teach and assess social studies in at least the fourth and sixth grades. A district or school can choose its own assessment, which can be either formative or summative. They are not required to report results to the Ohio Department of Education.

The resources on the Social Studies 6 Assessment webpage will remain posted for teachers to use for instructional and assessment purposes.


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High School Mock Trial

Ohio Mock Trial offers an innovative approach to learning about law and how our legal system functions. Guided by teachers and volunteer legal advisors, students participate in an original, unscripted, simulated trial written by attorneys. High school students argue both sides of the case in real courtrooms. For more information about Mock Trial, see the following webpage:

To compete in the Ohio Mock Trial program, each school needs a team advisor. The advisor position is a supplemental contract granted by the building principal. The pay for the position is established by Article 905.01 (Group B) of the Master Agreement. If you are interested in advising a Mock Trial team at your school, please speak with your building principal regarding this position. Principals should complete the supplemental contract appointment form and submit it to Human Resources. Also, please contact Matt Doran as soon as possible so we can order case materials for your team. The cost of case materials and team competition are covered by the Social Studies Office. Any needed substitute coverage requests must be submitted by the building principal.


Youth at the Booth - Deadline: August 30, 2017

Since 2006, more than 15,000 high school seniors in Franklin County have made history as the youngest poll workers in Ohio through Kids Voting Central Ohio's Youth at the Booth program.

For those who teach or advise seniors, please encourage your students to consider this opportunity. All paperwork for YAB is available on the Kids Voting Central website: The deadline for completed Student Application/Permission Forms is August 30, 2017.