Hot-air balloons Festival


The Leon International Balloon Festival 2016 is here !

Brothers Joseph-Michel and Jaques-Étienne Montgolfier were the pioneers of hot air ballooning. On the 4th of June of 1783, they succeeded in elevating a spherical bag made of linen wrapped in paper of 11 m in diameter, 800 m3 and 226 kg full of hot air, travelling 2 km for 10 minutes, reaching an altitude of almost 2,000 m. In 1783, a first manned flight was made reaching a height of 3280.84ft. The Leon International Balloon Festival, started in 2002 with 27 hot air balloons. Since then, every year we celebrate the invention of hot-air balloons. Today we invite you to celebrate with us !

how is it celebrated?

this festival celebrated by some activities are free like:


The Leon International Balloon Festival 2016

Friday, Nov. 18th, 6:30pm to Monday, Nov. 21st, 11:45pm

León, Spain


The entrance to the Festival is free. but there are some activities should be paid.

Some background on hot-air balloon:

hat are they made of?

A hot air balloon consists in 2 parts: Envelope and a basket or gondola.

  • The envelope, which is the upper fabric part of the balloon, is made of a special tear and heat resistant nylon. This makes possible to contain the air within and carry the basket up in the sky.
  • Baskets or gondolas are made of woven wicker or rattan. This makes them quite strong and yet very light and flexible, 2 characteristics that make flight and safe landings possible

How does a Hot Air Balloon works?
A hot air balloon is capable of flying because its envelope is full of hot air, which is lighter than the air in the sky. In order to achieve this, a balloon needs to be inflated first. This happens when it’s lying on the ground and the crew puts air into the envelope using a fan. Once the envelope is full of cool air, the pilot starts the burner and those big flames warm up the air inside, causing the whole airship to stand and eventually take of. Pilots need to let air out (through some special vents located in the upper part of the envelope) in order to descend and can burn and heat up the air inside whenever they need to climb. Since Hot Air Balloons are not propelled by any engine, Pilots need to climb or descend in order to search for air currents and take the desired direction. Once they are ready to land, Pilots need to look for the best landing spot in the area, and start to ventilate slowly, so that the Balloon goes down gently and eventually reaches the ground.

a video about the festival:

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