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It Allows You To Have Sexual Intercourse With Out Having Kids When Your Not Ready.You Can Get Birth Control At Local Stores & Family Pharmacys.
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The Pill Was Discovered 1954-1960 By Margaret Sanger. Margaret Told Pincus To Work On The Pill In 1951. Then Three Years Later Pincus Tested It On 50 Women. Then The FDA Didnt Approve Of It For Contraception (Birth Control Method) Use until 1960. After The FDA Approved It Was Popular! The Pill Increased Over A Million A Year. This Led To Over 6.5 Million Customers In 1965. Then In 1969 Barbara Seamen Did Not Approve Because The Pill Had Alot Of Side Effects.

Birth Control Methods:O

Birth Control Can Come In Many Different Forms it Can Come In a Shot, A Patch, Or a Tube That Goes Inside Of You.
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Margaret Sanger Discovered Birth Control. Margaret Sanger Was Born On September 14, 1879, In Corning, New York. In 1910 She Moved To Greenwich Village And Started A Publication Promoting A Womans Right To Birth Control (A Term That She Coined). Obscenity Laws Forced Her To Flee The Country Until 1915. In 1916 She Opened The First Birth Control Clinic In The U.S. Sanger Fought For Womens Rights Her Entire Life.
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Factors In Society:)

In ww2 the men went over seas to fight and left the women to work their jobs. Then when the men came back they took their jobs back and got the woman pregnant and left them home alone with all these kids. And the women got mad of getting pregnant all the time so they fought for there freedom in which birth control came along.

Changes in American society:)

The invention of birth control was a huge change in America's society. It caused woman to decrease the amount of abortions being had in 1960 because now they were now able to have sexual intercourse without risk of pregnancy. It has helped woman earn more and delay mother hood. Birth control was the most used prescription. It was a symbol of sexual revolution and woman's liberation.

Turning point:)

This invention was a turning point because it changed many things like woman can be able to get an education or a job without the stress of a child until they were ready for one, it also changed the rate of sexual relationships between couples and or married couples and changed the role of women politically.