Special Edition

Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Thank You...and a Request for Votes!

Hi, Folks.

Thank you so much to all who brought items and are doing set up and clean up for the teacher/staff lunches. It is a wonderful treat and we are so grateful!

One quick item: A few families have expressed sadness over us not having Wednesday Communication Envelopes this year. So, we thought we would put it to a vote! Please click on the following link to express your view: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5C6CP8X It's just one quick question!

**Just a note about the envelopes: If we start sending them home weekly (on Wednesdays), they will be due back no later than Fridays. So, we will begin preparing the following week's envelopes on Monday and anyone missing a weekly envelope will be charged $5 for a new envelope to be created. All envelopes would need to be turned in to the front office (not in back packs) by the end of the day on Friday to avoid a charge.

I hope your conferences are going great. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you at the festival on Sunday from 1 - 3pm in the auditorium.


Katie Dempsey