Blobfish are not ugly

BY:Eliza Jacoby

The Blobfish

The Blobfish is pink with squid ward's nose, a frowny face, and a green parasite in its mouth.

The Blobfish is unique and has no gas bladder to help him float. The Blobfish is related to the Psychrolutes family, and their nick name is fatheads.

Mommy blobfish

The mommy blobs lay thousands of eggs at the same time. and lives with them until they hatch making a nest. The mommy floats above the eggs or rest against them. Several mothers live by each other all at once, but no one knows why.

Not ugly

The Blobfish is an endangered species. They float near the surface and get caught in fishermen's nets. and when out of water they dry up and eventually die. And they are not ugly they are very cute. If you get rid of the parasite then, everyone would like them.