No To Animal Research

Are animals getting abused in animal research?

Say No To Animal researching!!

Animals are getting abused while doing animal research. Animal testing is when scientists use animals for experiments so they know what to use on humans when they get the symptoms. William Harvey used animals 400 years ago to discover how blood circulated in the body. According to the articles that i've read people say "no because it is almost like animal abuse."

Animal Research is far to expensive!!

  • Animal research costs a lot of money over 13 billion for three animals.
  • In 2009 over 100 billion dollars was spent.
  • This year over 50 billion a week has been spent on animal research.

Animal research is almost like abusing animals!!

  • The University of Pennsylvania studied the results of head trauma, primates were strapped into machinery to receive high-impact blows to the head. A video camera captured footage of vivisectionists taunting the injured animals, who were left with severe brain damage.
  • The U.S. Army examined severe burns on live tissue, restrained pigs were burned alive with a flamethrower until their charred flesh could be removed in large pieces.
  • Uniformed Services University-Department of Defense measured injury recovery, vivisectionists strapped dogs down and cut apart the skin on their knees, leaving flaps. At the end of the study, all of the dogs were killed.

The laboratory is also a harm to the animals!!

  • The laboratory is very stressful for the animals because they are kept in really small cages according to vegen vine.
  • The animal getting tested could get the past chemical then they might die before their test
  • The animals like light but none of the rooms have windows but they have lights that are hardly on.