Physical Therapist

Courtney Parker


Professionals who help aid in the rehabilitation of injuries

Daily activities

Meet with patients and determine the severity of their injury through various tests. After examination the therapist will design a program for each patient.

Education and certification requirements

They first need to gain a bachelor's degree then go to a graduate program to gain a master's or doctoral in physical therapy. To get a license they must first complete the National Physical Therapy Examination as well as any other requirements by their state. Therapists must be registered in the state they are practicing. To gain board certification they must have completed 2,000 clinical hours as well as have licensure.


Physical therapists will annually make about $80,000. Wage varies by area.

Skills needed

Th ability to assist patients moving safely, ability to handle a long work week, basic medical assessment skills, etc.

Practice Settings

Most of the time they will be in a private physical therapy location, they can also be found in nursing homes, sports facilities and industrial or corporate businesses.

Job Outlook

The number of Jobs in this area is predicted to grow by 36% from 2012 to 2022
Physical Therapist - A Day in the Life