Women's Rights: Op-Ed Article

by: Meredith Marcum

Women's Rights:

Did you get to choose your gender? So why should you be discriminated against for something you can’t determine. Women of all kind, no matter race, just want their freedom. We are considered ¨inferior¨ or our ¨man’s property¨. Never are we thought of as our own person. In my opinion, I think we should be just as equal as any man.

First off, women are viewed as children, and have very few rights, freedoms and privileges. We’re viewed less superior to white males, and therefore get denied many rights. We’re expected to stay home and take care of domestic duties. In fact, we’re discriminated against for having an outside-of-home job. I can’t go out and support my family, by working and earning money, because it’s not “lady-like”. Even after the discrimination of getting a job, our salary is much lower than that of my husband’s. Why should that be, if we do the same job? Not only this, but women rarely ever get an education. Only men are special enough for knowledge, right ladies? Who knows how much potential a lady has. We might even be smarter then all of you white men, if only you gave us the opportunity to show it. Next, we can’t speak out in public or even have our own opinions, only our husbands’ could. In fact, our husbands’ are the ones who make our decisions. We can’t vote, or help shape society. We have to let our husband make the decision for us. I thought America was the land of the free! Lastly, we are viewed as weak. Women are the one’s who bear your child for nine grueling months. You don’t even understand how hard giving birth is. It definitely is something only the strong can do. To conclude, women deserve much more rights, freedoms, and privileges granted.

Next, we are fighting for our freedom. First, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton were part of an American delegation that attended the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London of 1840. These women had much to say, but were not allowed to do so. Angry men stated it was not a woman’s place to speak out in public. Because of the chaos, they had to sit in silence. The first man to step up and help the cause was William Lloyd Garrison. He decided to join us and help. Most men, however, disagreed with William. Lucretia and Elizabeth knew it was time to take a stand. Next, we held the Seneca Falls Convention. This convention attracted both women and men, to take a stand for women's rights. During the convention, we were inspired by the Declaration of Independance, and wrote our own model of it. This we called the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions. It stated that all men AND women were created equal. This document went on to tell the complaints and resolutions for equality. Lastly, Sojourner Truth, Maria Mitchell, and Susan B Anthony each helped us soon win our battles. Sojourner continued a nice lead for women’s rights and abolition and gained popularity among skeptical crowds. Maria Mitchell formed the Association for the Advancement of Women and became a huge leader. Lastly, Susan B. Anthony fought for women’s rights to own property and make money. In conclusion, we began to get our freedom.

Lastly, why do we need these rights? First, we need rights to support our families. If my husband left me, and I was the only one supporting my family, why is it fair I get paid less? A woman should earn the same amount as any man would. Next, we’re no different than any man. No one ever embraces the similarities between a man and a women, they only embrace the differences. These differences are what made us the inferior gender. Yes he may be stronger, but that’s because you trained him to be. Yes he may be smarter, but that’s because he actually got an education. If you just let women try, or give them the same attention as a man, we could the potential to be great. To discover the unknown, or even fight for our country. We just never get the opportunity. Lastly, it’s just not fair! Women and men are separated by one chromosome. Just one. But are you telling me that chromosome determines what freedoms we have? How is this fair? As you can see, we need to support our families, we’re no different, and it’s not fair are reasons why we need these rights.

Women of all kind just want their freedom. We have very few rights, we are starting to fight for these, and why we need them are important for women of all kind. Women should have their freedom, without restrictions from anyone.