The Warriors Heart

By: Eric Greitens

Character analysis

Character- Eric

Eric wants to help out doing anything he can, because in the book Eric wants to help out around the world at orphanages. So Eric is a person who loves to help other people, and he joined the U.S. NAVY because he wanted to help more by serving his country.

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Rising Action- Eric starts talking about his past, and the things he did as a child that he had fun with, and he also talks about his family.

Text Evidence- " At two in the morning, I was supposed to be asleep, not hidden beneath my blanket, reading until my eyes grew sore and I passed out with my face mashed against a book cover. But as a kid growing up in Missouri, I couldn't get enough of these stories, the ones that put you right into the adventure, that pulled you into a vivid world and then asked you to decide which path to take."

exert from The Warrior's Heart page. 10.

Conflict- Eric doubts himself when he gets bad grades because his parents told him that he needed to go to college.

Text Evidence- " Eric Greitens, handwriting: B-," I naturally asked my mom, "will they still let me go to college?" She laughed and hugged me."

Exert from The Warrior's Heart page- 12

Climax- Eric didn't have the money to pay for college because his parents weren't rich so he had to find a way on his own to make the money to fund his college education.

Text Evidence- " My parents weren't rich, which meant I'd have to find a way to pay for college myself. As a kid, I didn't think about scholarships or loans; I thought about earning money. My dad had set up a savings account for me at the local credit union, and he'd show me the bank statement every month so I could see the bits of interest adding to my account. At any rate, I knew I'd have to start earning as much money as I could, as soon as I could, in order to get where I wanted to go."

exert from The Warrior's Heart page- 13

Eric later then went to Duke and Oxford university.

Falling Action- Eric, goes to the BUD/S training camp to become a NAVY Seal.

Text Evidence- " I like to think that working for Roger prepped me for military training. He taught me that it wasn't enough to have a job. to make a job meaningful, you had to pay attention to the details and take pride in your work. he taught me the importance of getting it right. since then, I've used those lessons a thousand times"

exert page- 16 from The Warrior's Heart

" As the weeks progressed, our original group of 220 contracted to a smaller class of men we knew, liked, and trusted. still, even that group grew smaller by the day as people failed or quit. Men quit as the swims got longer. Men quit in the pool and were hurt on the obstacle course. One man fell forty feet from high-tower obstacle and his legs."

exert from The Warrior's Heart page- 185

Resolution- Eric Graduated from the BUD/S Training camp, and now is ready to go serve in Iraq.

Text Evidence- " I have no memory of when the suicide truck bomb detonated. lights went out in the barracks. Dust and smoke filled the air. I found myself lying belly down, legs crossed. Men were gasping and coughing around me. Then the burning started. The insurgents had packed chlorine into the truck bomb: it was a chemical attack."

exert from The Warrior's Heart page- 249


This is a brief summary of The Warrior's Heart, In this story you learned the importance of connecting with stories. But also it tells you about the authors life, and recollections of his life and important things to Mr. Greitens. It tells you about when he was in school, his childhood, and when he was serving and at the BUD/S training facility.


these are some images of what I think represent the author

important events

1. Homeless shelter- 1991- When Eric goes to the homeless shelter in 1991 with Bruce Carl.
Text Evidence- " When I was 16 years old, Bruce Carl- the director of youth leadership St. Louis- took me and a few other students to spend the night in a homeless shelter downtown." I know that this is a important thing because he started helping people out, and realizing how he can help.

2. College-1993- Eric goes to college and feels lied to for the first couple of weeks but is grateful for the offer that Duke offered him.
Text Evidence- " So I went to college. But for the first few weeks, I felt I'd been lied to. I'd chosen Duke University. Its unofficial motto, "work hard, play hard," appealed to me. Duke also offered me a scholarship that covered my tuition for four years and included a summer term at Oxford University in England between my junior and senior years. I was extraordinarily grateful the opportunities that Duke had offered me."

3. OCS Camp- 2001- Eric landed to go to OCS Training Camp
Text Evidence- " I landed in Pensacola, Florida, on January 20, 2001, for Officer Candidate School (OCS), and immediately I had doubts. I wanted to serve my country. I wanted to be tested. The strong often need to protect the weak, and I believed that rather than talking about what should be done, I should do it."