What's Happening at Rockwood Prep?

April 2021

Message from the Principals!

Happy April RPA!


March was a busy month of preparing and planning for Hybrid students to return to campus! We are excited to say that our staff’s hard work is apparent, and our on-campus students are doing wonderful! Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked through transitioning to this model. Seeing students walking the halls has been surreal and so rewarding. It feels like we’re slowly getting back to the ‘school’ we picture in our heads.

This month we will see the end of Quarter 3, and welcome the beginning of Quarter 4 on April 12th. It’s hard to believe we’re already into the last quarter of the year! As we finish the year, please help us focus on being awake and prepared for school each morning, arriving to class on time (both in person and online), and submitting work on time.

This month will also bring about Picture Day! Mark your calendars for April 27 & 29th. We will be sending out a schedule on Class Dojo for our at-home students to sign up for times to come and have their photos taken. Students on campus will take their pictures during the school day; be on the lookout for what day your student’s class is scheduled to.

Our Book Fair will look a little different this year, as we will be hosting it virtually! The Scholastic team has put together a great online ‘Fair’ for students to explore online! Book Fair begins April 15th and goes for 2 weeks through April 28th.

We hope you will join us for Coffee with the Principals on Monday, April 26th, or our Native Language (Spanish) Community Circle on Tuesday, April 27th!

Thank you for all you do! Here’s to another successful quarter at RPA!

-Mrs. Barnard & Mrs. McCollum

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Attendance Drawing Winners for April

Congratulations! These students have been in morning meetings, turned in work, or made contact with their teacher everyday so far this year!

Here are the awesome winners!

Kindergarten Levi

1st Grade Johan

2nd Grade Alysa

3rd Grade Alfredo

4th Grade Martin

5th Grade Joshua

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Important Dates Coming Up!

  • April 8th - Last day of Quarter 3
  • April 9th - Grading Day - NO SCHOOL
  • April 12th - Kindergarten Connect
  • April 15-28th - Book Fair
  • April 21 - Secretary Appreciation Day
  • April 26th - Coffee with the Principals
  • April 27th & 29th - Picture Day
  • May 1st- Principal Appreciation Day
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World's Finest Chocolates Fundraiser!

We have met our first goal!!!!!

All students will receive a free yearbook this year!

Our next goal is for another 100 boxes sold, which would allow us to provide FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR ALL STUDENTS!

Keep up the wonderful efforts, RPA!

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March Students of the Month!

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Crazy to think there are only 2 and a half months left of school! In kindergarten we are working on lots of new things. We are learning to count money, reading stories, and using complete sentences! Kinder students are showing amazing flexibility with hybrid learning both online and in-person! We can't wait to see how much more they grow in the remaining months of this year.

First Grade

Hello, First Grade Families! Hope you were able to get out and enjoy your spring break. As we transition into our hybrid program we are learning how to tell time and will continue working on money in Math. Skip counting and length will be coming up soon too. In reading we are learning to recognize our capital letters, rules for long and short vowels, and blended sounds. It's important that students continue to practice reading daily. If you haven't already logged onto Epic, check it out for daily reading. Continue showing us how to be an RPA star! We are proud of our students and the families as we get through this year. Always reach out to us through Class Dojo if you have any questions or concerns.

Second Grade

Wow this year is flying by! We continue to be amazed at the responsible and hard-working 2nd grade this year. The hybrid transition has been going smoothly and we appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding as we make these changes! In math we're continuing to practice up-and-down facts, area, perimeter, measuring rules, and number family problems! (Remember to always work your math problems on lined paper). In reading we've been moving through longer and longer stories, always pausing to talk about what we read and make predictions and connections. In spelling we've been practicing different vowel/consonant rules and in language we've been perfecting our writing skills! Quiz your second grader- "when do we use a capital letter?" Thank you for your support!

Third Grade

1st week back after spring break AND starting the hybrid model has been wonderful. Students came back ready to learn! I can tell a lot of students practiced their reading and math skills over break! In-person students are so excited to be back despite our limitations showing us they can handle ANYTHING! This is going to be a great month!

Fourth Grade

The 4th grade team is excited to begin hybrid learning! Thank you for your continued support as we acclimate to these changes. In math students are learning how to write degrees in angles. Word problems, and multi-digit division and multiplication continue to be a challenge, so keep up all of the hard work and effort each and every day! Knowing Rocket Math facts with automaticity will help with harder concepts tremendously!! In reading, students will wrap up Jane Addam’s biography, and then move on to a fictional story by Mark Twain set in 1500s England: “The Prince and the Pauper.” For writing, students will continue applying the RACE writing strategy to their evidence-based opinion paragraphs. Looking ahead: April 8th is the last day of third quarter, and April 9th is No School for students / grading day for teachers. 4th graders: keep up your amazingness as we head into the last quarter of the school year! We are so proud of how hard all of you are working!

Fifth Grade

Even apart from the welcome improvement in the weather, April brings changes to our 5th grade classroom. Hybrid learning is upon us and we have recently been made aware that we can combine both cohorts into one. This means that those of you who are interested in having your children in the classroom for the morning lessons can have them attend all four of those in-class days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Of course, those remaining as CDL students will have all the same lesson exposure as we had before as all classes will continue to be conducted over the video link. A reminder that the last day of Quarter 3 is Thursday, April 8. All missing work must be completed and submitted by that day in order to count toward 3rd quarter grades. There will be no school for students on Friday, April 9 as teacher's will have a grading day to prepare report cards and attendance information. We hope you are doing well.
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Update from our Counselor, Mrs. Bulich!

What's new in the Counseling department for April?! Last month, students discussed worry, anxiety and test taking. This month, students will learn about Conflict Resolution. They will learn tips, strategies and ways to work out conflicts with peers on their own. They will also learn when to ask an adult for help. The schedule for the monthly class lessons is posted on ClassDojo and the school counseling website!


Mrs. Bulich, School Counselor

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What's New In ELD?

English Language Development is in Hybrid mode too! Mrs Peoples, that's me, is in the school building and trying to utilize the 11:10 - 11:40 independent work time, to in person socially distanced instruction. I am available for after school meetings as well. Ms Priscilla will continue her

on- line and remote language service to ELL Students

A new schedule for Meet times is in progress. Students will be notified of their ELD instruction on the Classroom Homepage and through their RPA emails.

We will also be evaluating students' language progress with the yearly ELPA assessment. That evaluation will be in-person in the school building this month, April, and the first two weeks of May.

Please contact me by email or call the school office if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding your English Language Learner child.

We will work together to give your child the best education and success.

Peace, health & education

Michele Brouse Peoples, Mrs Peoples


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