What Middle School is REALLY like

By: Kadon Carnes & Nicole Moran

A New School, a New Life...

Before you can enter Middle School here are somethings to help you along the way. Middle School is a big place, and it seems pretty weird or scary at first but once you get the hang of it, it really isn't that bad (except homework I guess). You will learn about clubs you can join in 6th grade, and all the fun activities you get to participate in.


Clubs, very fun and important if you want to make friends from all 3 grades. You can join Guitar Club, Art Club and so many more. You can audition for the play or bum crew, the people behind the scenes of the play, which are really fun to be apart of.

What HOUSES look like

Hangout Spots

There are so many places in the school to socialize with friends or just hangout. During passing time, the time between classes, you can talk to your friends in the House, the houses are like the different grade level's area such as the orange house which is the sixth grade house. During lunch you can either talk to your friends in the Commons Area, the lunch room, or you can go to the gym to walk around and play basketball. occasionally the teachers open up the doors so you can go outside.
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There are required classes, such as science, Technology and ELA, English. Then there are Electives, classes you get to choose like Art, Choir and Band/Orchestra. In sixth grade you get math everyday but in seventh you get it every other day. Encore, a class where you get to read for about 45 minutes, is every day.