PPES Update for Families

June 10, 2020

June 15 and 16 - Pick-up Personal Belongings & Return School Materials

One of our processes for closing this school year amid abruptly leaving the school building is returning personal belongings from lockers and returning school materials. Our goal is to make this a one-time drop off and pick up of materials. Please refer to the chart below regarding items that will be returned to the school.

(Due to the large amount of distribution, we will not be able to accommodate distributing several students’ personal belongings to one person. You will only be able to pick up your child’s possessions)

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Drive-through Distribution Process

In order to protect yourself and our staff, please be sure to wear your face covering when you come to school. If you drive to the school, remain in your vehicle unless you are directed to exit. If you walk to school always stay at least six feet away from other persons. Do not bring children or friends with you; leave children at home under the supervision of other family members, if possible. Finally, if you are ill or under isolation or quarantine because of your own illness or that of a close contact, please do not come to school. Please contact the school principal to make alternative arrangements.

The drive-through distribution site will be located in the carpool loop and bus loop. Our pick-up and distribution will be divided into three stations: Check-in, Return of School Property, and Retrieval of Personal Items. There will be staff and signage to help guide you through this process.

The guidelines for each station are listed below:

STATION #1 – Check-In

· Station #1 will be marked with an orange cone, a sign and will have a staff person checking your name to expedite the process.

· Prior to arriving at school, families will print the student’s first/last name and grade level in dark ink on a large piece of paper and place it on the dashboard.

STATION #2 – Return of School Property

· Station #2 will be marked with an orange cone and a sign.

· Families are asked to bag all materials in advance.

· Families will label the outside of the bag with the following information:

· Student’s first and Last Name

· Grade, Teacher

· All family members will remain in their vehicle.

· Families will place the bag of property being returned in the trunk or back seat of the vehicle and a staff member will retrieve the bag from the vehicle.

· Walking families will drop off bagged student items at the designated location.

STATION #3 – Retrieval of Personal Items

· Station #3 will be marked with an orange cone and a sign.

· All family members will remain in their vehicle.

· If the driver is able to open the trunk without getting out of the car, staff will place child’s school property from the trunk. (preferred)

· If the driver is unable to open the trunk without getting out of your car, staff will place child’s school property from the back seat.

· Walking families will report to Station #3 to pick up bagged student materials.

The one-time distribution and collection schedule is provided below. Return and retrieval of materials will be done alphabetically by student’s last name. Please adhere to your assigned date and time frame:

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Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year - Including Prek & Kindergarten

Student registration is now available for Preschool through Grade 12. Due to the COVID-19 closure, the registration process is online.

Families may attach required documents to the electronic form or bring a copy to school once buildings reopen. To learn about the process and begin registration, please go to the BCPS registration webpage.

UPDATE Science with Scarlett - Friday, June 12 at 7:00 (Nickname is still ScarlettPPES)

Please join our live event for Science with Scarlett at 7:00pm FRIDAY night. We will be giving away a copy of Science with Scarlett to 5 randomly selected participants.
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