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Media and Media Literacy

Media is something that is all around us. Everyone has an encounter with media at least once a day no matter what. This is because media is almost everything that happens now a days. Frist off lets discuss what media is and then you can ask yourself if you really do encounter media every day. Media can be anything from watching cartoons to hearing stuff in the news. The news give people the stories that are happening around the world, the new ideas discovered, or the latest new trend. Media is all those little things you get from the news and it is also much more. Music is media and when you go to the app store on your phone or just use the phone you are using a media device now the device itself may not be media but the stuff you see on it and look up is. The phone is a way to view media just like a television or a tablet. All those things have to do with media literacy which is how you access media and how you discover all those new stuff that you and your friends talk about every day. Which means that we are all a media literate because we read and look at media at least once a day. However this is not a good thing because although we are learning not all media is good we do have some dramatic stories or lies being shown so it is a good idea to have a break from all the media and just avoid it at times. It is very simple to not be a media literate all you do is either just close the tab, turn off the device you are using, or just change the subject. Once one of those is done step outside enjoy the real world and take a break from all the media.

Social Media vs. Obesity

What started off as complex machine for engineers, has now become one of the simplest tools for young kids to use. The way they manage to use their electronic devices is phenomenal but it is the way they use it that makes them look as if they lack knowledge. In order to write my essay about the social media effects on obesity, I had to research many things and it did get a little frustrating and upsetting at times. For example finding out that nearly one third of children were overweight was terrible and then finding out that they are the number one type of people that get bullied is just upsetting. I really do not understand why though. Do people not realize that many of these obese people have no control of their weight gain? People now a days angrily express their thoughts people who says something mean to a special needs kid or a girl with anorexia but why is it that an obese kid gets picked on and not defended? This is a question I think to myself and makes me wonder for hours. These thoughts made me want to write this essay strictly to inform people of the seriousness of people with obesity. The connection to social media is included because this is where they mainly get bullied. The people online can now post stuff on their page anonymously without getting caught. This example of stupidity should not reflect on future generations and its time people realized the problems and causes of obesity and that it is mainly caused by a disorder just like anorexia or bulimia. Hopefully though in ten years more people will treat social media as a place to reflect, inform, and learn from instead of a place to live a fake life or harm others that have never done anything to them. The reality of where it might be is not too far off from what I hope, instead it falls short this is because people now are taking baby steps to get there. This is why maybe in 15 years the knowledge and lessons we have learned from the incorrect use of social media will give us more knowledge and a better way to use social media.

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Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander – Extended Cut

Audi, in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial, established a comparison between the Audi r8 to a rocket ship and used an old commander who seems to no longer find joy in his simple world. Audi starts off by introducing the old commander depressed and capturing the moment of the old days, wanting to experience a thrill in life, and then a guy walks in and gets him up to drive his Audi r8. The purpose of this commercial is not only to get people to buy an Audi r8 but to also give people a glimpse of the emotion an Audi r8 can make. Audi uses a serious heartfelt tone connecting the Audi r8 to older people who want to experience a thrill that they haven’t felt in a long time.

Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander – Extended Cut

Donald Trump Builds his own "Wall" of Shame

Under the Iran nuclear deal, "we give them $150 billion, we get nothing."

This is a quote by Donald Trump that was stated after he won four states on March 15. Donald Trump was in his victory rally at Palm Beach Florida while responding to a broadcasters question. Now he is completely wrong about this but at the same time he somewhat knew about what was going on but he Trumped it up and over dramatized it. This 150 billion is actually Iran's money and its not quite 150 billion either it is believed to be around 100 billion. The big mistake he made though was not there but instead where he states "we get nothing" because in fact this money is to give them a nuclear program which helps us from maybe being attacked by bombs from them. This is why it is important to know what the heck Iran is getting money for and how it connects to us with out questioning those two things people would have no idea this is a complete false statement. I found his statement way off but in a way he is right they shouldn't be rewarded at all for something that should not even be a problem in the first place.

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Ted Cruz "Cruzes" into Lies

"What he said is the government should pay for everyone’s health care. And in fact, a couple of debates ago, he said if you don’t support socialized health care, you’re heartless."

Cruz made this statement while he was in the GOP debate in Houston Texas. Cruz is trying to make Trump look very bad by stating he does not believe in healthcare when in reality Trump has had many interviews where he states his beliefs on how they can make health care better. if trump does not want it better he would completely change it. Cruz however made this completely up and just stated it as if it were true and in reality people who study politics or have watched debates would know that Trump has never said anything in those terms at all. I believe that his statement is completely absurd and he tried throwing Trump under the bus by a long shot.

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Hilary Clinton With the Win

"One thing we know that does not work is offensive, inflammatory rhetoric that demonizes all Muslims," she said, adding, "Another thing we know that does not work, based on lots of empirical evidence, is torture."

Clinton said this at Stanford University on March 23. Many studies have been done on this and there is no voluntary people that disagree with this because no one wants to be tortured. This however was stated after the terrorist incident on March 22 and was very well said. The only thing people can do is agree to disagree on this because there may not be studies done on it for the reason stated before. However there have been many terrorist incidents and like 9/11 torture did not get us anywhere because the way we discover these things is over time. I do not completely agree I believe that torture in some cases could be very effective it is just a matter of knowing how to torture someone and studying torture. this is why my belief in all of this is not completely saying shes wrong just that I do not agree with her.

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The Path of Our Own or the Path of Those Being Controlled?

All humans born the same way and made the same way as one another but the world people choose to live from there, can be different. However most of the time it is not different. Most of the people follow the same cycle as others do and live the same life just not as luxurious as others have it though. Now although there are different jobs and homes people live in most of these people chose to follow the same one cycle. People are born, grow up, go to college, graduate, make money, get a home, have children, and then the obvious. This is the modern era and yet there is nothing different besides the people having more technology and tools to make the path of their life easier and more enjoyable in their belief. At the end of the day is this really freedom that people have or is this just the fear of being different and wanting to follow the crowd. Like stated before this is a very broad crowd following a very broad meaning to their life. People are proles they do not have to be controlled by the government because they control themselves by going the same path as one another. Now whether people are dumb for doing this is differen,t maybe this is the path to happiness and freedom in the peoples terms. This is the life that people choose to live and if they choose to live it like this then there must be something good that comes from it being uniformed in this way. Life has changed and people might even say they get happier every year because they have new media devices. These media devices keep the people from seeing the bad things their government keeps from them this is why they have football and all other sports to watch. Instead of wondering what the government is doing about stopping a terrorist group or secret organization they keep people attached to knowing something “far” more interesting to their lives and that is where all the sports they have on television come in to play or more than likely updating the people with celebrity lives because that is far more important than anything that is going on around the world and it is sad to think but it makes the people happy just as it does the proles. People do not realize that what Justin Bieber or who wins the Super bowl does not affect one another at all, well shouldn’t affect one another at all. This is because that is not related to their own lives but the news of what going around the world in Afghanistan Saudi Arabia and France does. The plans that the government has or any of that is important stuff but it is stuff that affects the people so by ignoring the issues the people of the society live a much happier life and believe that everything is going to be well in their generation so worrying about the future generations does not matter to them.

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Goodbye Past, Hello Present

Looking back at my first entry on this page it is a fact that I am very impressed by my understanding of media back then and to know that media is not a good thing which I still deeply hold believe of. Now media does have good times but most of the time is bad. This class introduced me to my own meaning of media and how to understand it. The class also managed to teach me how to pick out the well informative media instead of the one that even lacks fifth grade writing skills. This is something that I will never forget and will always know when living my life I will be able to laugh at others for them believing stupid stuff and I can gain more knowledge myself by knowing stuff that is true and that matters. No other language arts class I have taken has been this great. The time in here and the projects done are not busy work even though they seem like that at first I actually enjoyed once I got through the first ten minutes of the assignment. I have taken many language arts classes all pre-AP classes too and none of them compare to this one. The work in those classes was busy work and they made me feel dumb because although I was not good with memorizing vocabulary that I would never use again besides to fail the quizzes I am good at other language art aspects but I was never able to show off my skills in those classes, however in this class I was. This class is magnificent and I refuse to think of unnecessary ways to make this class “better” because this class is great and the teachers just need to keep doing what they are doing instead of try new things that could potentially go bad.

Suppressing a Permanent Reality

A permanent reality may seem on the urge to come to the lives we live that being our media devices disconnecting us from people face to face. This however can be prevented and this permanent reality can be laughed at, all it takes is courage to put the phone down and talk with peers and family around us face to face instead of others on the internet. The devices we use are not the path to connecting with others and the time to realize that has now begun. By putting down the device limiting the time we spend on them helps us little by little to overcome the addiction that seems permanently pressed on our lives. The device should be used in the same way it was before everyone had a touchscreen or lte and that is by using the device with others only in times to show the other a fact or an address and not to talk to them on skype or messaging apps. Every day I try my best to use my phone when I am alone instead of with others and to always choose friends and peers instead of messing around with my phone. My friends and I now try to go outside take a ride instead of sit around and watch movies every single time we meet up because that keeps us from communicating with one another. This is my way of preventing my life from the permanent reality that prince Ea sees and it is true it cannot be auto corrected because it take the mind of the individual to make the change and effort. There is a better place that was left in the past but it can be brought back all it takes is time and effort by the individuals around you and of course yourself.