My Amazing Pomes

By:Brittlee Brock


I am Santa clause.

I see a plat of cookes calling my name.

I hear the children sleeping.

I love delivering presents.

I fear of the kids waking.

I know I can get trough fast so the kids can not get me.

I hate how the kids cot me just like it was yester day.

I believe the kids were like tigers when they got me.

I am Santa clause.

(I am personification)

Christmas Night


Came down the chimney.

At my house last night

Santa was so hangry he ate the hole, house even me.

He also brought me presints.

(5w-Poem Hyperble)

All About Me



Daughter of Sara

Who likes showing, basketball, torcose

Who feels happy, sad, fun

Who needs money, close, sun glasses

Who gives Carr, love, eventer

Who fears ghost, monster, scarry stores

Who would like to see Miranda Lambert, haven, Las Vegas

Justin, Texas


(Bio-poem Alliteration)


Sun in my eyes

u are as busy as a bee

meadow is pretty as a willow

meadow's are like haven

even now the sun is hot I still

run and play just like a busy bee

(Acrostic simile)

My Waerd Hand

Look at my hand it is as big as the earth whit its long sharp nails it looks like a algater and its big fat pinky it looks like a blow fish my hand is so weard it just might POP

(Free verse Onomatopoeia)


You are such a coward

Why are as dante as a flower

You should be brave

Made your life will be saved

Why do you thret ever thing like pouder

( Limerick Metaphor Line 1)

My Amazing Pomes