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Beautifully nestled in the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is often described as the city of volcanoes. The city is also a melting pot of the cultures, and hence gets the tag of most populous multicultural city in New Zealand. Overwhelmed by its cultural and geographical aura, people often look for flights to Auckland so that they could come face to face with this great destination where people of diverse geographical origins are leaving in complete harmony.

Auckland can also be described as a city where natural beauty does not collide with ultra modern city life; instead it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The city exudes a magical aura as it is flanked by a number of beaches. So majority of population can claim to be living in neighbourhood of beaches. Water is an integral part of the city terrain as you are never far off the beaches. Needless to say, the tourists who want to soak in sun on the sandy beaches often resort to direct flights to Auckland from London in order to experience the city in its charming hues.

To make your trip worthy, there are tourist attractions like Auckland War Memorial Museum, Sky Tower and Auckland Zoo among other things.

Besides, this metropolitan also offers drool-inducing food and great night life. The city also provides fabulous shopping options; thanks to its numerous shopping malls.

The tourists can board flights to Auckland to experience and explore the city at their own.

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