Depression In Germany

This is a Hitler youth camp poster in Germany

And This Is Two Propaganda Pictures in Poland

Was It Hitler's Plan From The Beginning Of The War?

Yes the plan that Hitler had for the World was to make it a "Pure race", so in order to make that happen he killed mass amounts of Jewish people in Work or Concentration Camps all over Germany and Poland.

Why Did the depression happen in Germany?

The depression wasn't just in Germany it was all over the World because of the World War II. Every Country That was in it lost Great amounts of money due to having to fix all of the damage done.

What Happened During the depression?

During the depression people lost their jobs , money , And their lives due to poor medical care. Also People couldn't afford food for their family's so they went hungry and starved.

Fast Facts :0

Some of the things that took place during that time period is Extremely disturbing because the fact that the a group of Nazi's called eingatzgruppen killed a ton of Jews in one day, an estimated 989 men, 1,636 women, 821 children.

Jews haven't just been disliked in the 40's they have been hated since ancient times but back then in 1800's they burned them alive.

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