Joseph Smith

Jacob Holbrook

Background Information

Born on December 23, 1805 in Sharon, Vermont.Grew up in Manchester, New York with his parents Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith.He had 40 wives but was married to one and her name was Emma Hale and had 11 children (2 adopted) but to bad only 5 of them lived past infancy. Joseph Smith dies on June 27th, 1844. He was killed by a mob while he was walking with his brother. Joseph Smith also ran for presidency for the United States.
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The Movement!

He first started this at age 15 when hew had a personal visit with God himself, who introduced him to Jesus Christ, supposedly told him not to join any type of church because they are all wrong. In 1823, he encountered with an Angel Moroni, who told him an ancient record containing Gods dealings with the former inhabitants of the american continent. in 1827, he began translating the word of god and ended up publishing a book called the "Book Of Mormon". in 1830, Joseph Smith organized The Church Of Jesus Christ Of latter-Day Saints. and became the first president. This movement of Mormons is very successful now because over 9 million people are now following this religion.


  • If Joesph Smith was still alive today, would you think the Mormon movement will be a lot greater?
  • Why do you think Joseph Smith tried to run for president?
  • If you were to hear one of Joseph Smiths speeches, would you have a thought of switching over to being a Mormon.