Cancer Council NSW


How Cancer Council Helps and How People can Help This Charity

How Does This Charity Help?

Cancer Council helps by researching how we can prevent cancer, doing fundraisers and help improve the life of those who suffer of having cancer. But the thing is, the thing is that because of Cancer Council, people who suffer cancer can know that they have someone that cares for them even if that person didn't know them.

How Can People Help This Charity?

People can be more understanding about how living with cancer is miserable and instead of being mean to them, they can invite them into games and not leave them out, or adults can join Cancer Council to help those who suffer by dressing up or making people laugh! There are TONS of ways people can help.

Latest Project and Interesting Facts!

What Is Their Latest Project?

Their latest project is to find a cure for breast cancer. Many people have suffered breast cancer. Because of that, Cancer Council has been trying to find a cure for breast cancer.

4 Interesting Facts!

  1. About $378 million has been spent in 2000 and 2001 for cancer reasearch.
  2. Men and women are usually infected of cancer during the ages of 85.
  3. Survival rates of many common cancers has increased by 30%(which is good!) in the past 20 years!
  4. Some of the most comon cancers (in Australia) are prostate, bowel, lung, breast and melanoma cancer.