Grace's Resume

Applying for Assistant Teacher Position

Grace's Experience

Hello, I'm Grace Strayer, and I feel I have some experience in this profession considering my mother is a teacher. Also, at home I used to have a passion for "playing school" and took it very seriously. I would even make pop-sickle sticks with student names and numbers and use my mom's leftover worksheets!


I went to pre-school, and completed kindergarten, along with grades 1-5. I attended First Church of the Brothern, and Roundtown Elementary, as well as Sinkings Springs Elementary. I am currently a student in 6th grade at Sinking Springs. Overall, something else that may help me qualify is my grades have been pretty good over the years.

Thank You

Thank you for reading my resume, I can ensure you that I am a promising canidate. However, I do understand if I am not what you are looking for, or if you even want let alone need an assistant teacher! Thanks again, and enjoy your day as a 6th grade writing teacher. Also... good luck!