Stock Market Blogging

Learn about the stock market and share your experiences!

The stock market is a powerful "being"

Through this activity, you will learn the basics about using the stock market for your benefit. But be warned, this is only a simulation, and if you do this in real-life, you may lose money. This activity will allow you to track your stock purchases over time, and then use your findings to create a final project.

Activity is Easy to Set Up!

To set up the game, all you have to do is have the students go to This website will allow the students to create a free account and be added to a previously created game, set up by you. The students play the game normally and then blog about their progress each month on a blog of your choice!

Major Steps of the Activity

Students Learn Statistical Skills Without Knowing!

Activity Advantages

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Evaluating Graphical Data
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Student Sharing of Ideas
  • Quick, Easy, Free