Water, Hydroelectric power

Water: a resource for past, present and future power

What is hydro power and why we use it.

Hydro Power is using fresh water as the power source for electricity from falling or running water. We use it because it provides a renewable clean way of energy for us to use. It also is a cheap way once built. It can give jobs but it can also leave people jobless and homeless, when sometimes making dams will flood the area around.

Water supply

Hydro plants can effect the river flow so animals migrations stop there.Also the dams can drain the water of oxygen and the water they then release, can be toxic. So drinking that water is now out of the question.
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Cool things about hydroelectric power plants/dams

  • 2,500 USA companies support hydro power
  • Reservoir water(held in a tank) is colder than normal rivers.( its low in dissolved oxygen)
  • Canada is the second largest producer of hydroelectricity
  • About 59% of Canada's power/electricity comes from hydro power plants.
  • There are facilities(hydro plants) in Canada that are 100 years old and older!
  • Still after 130 years of proven technology, hydro power is in the lead of providing clean energy.