That Was Then This Is Now


The Differences And Similarities Of Friendship

The author's message- Different people can come together to be friends. Mark and Bryon were two different kids, that only had a couple similarities. The Differences they had were how they grew up mark lost his parents at the age of nine. Bryon's mom adopted mark. One similar thing they had in common was they both drank and smoked under the age of twenty-one.

My Thoughts about the book-

I agree with the authors message about the book. The reason i agree is because i have a best friend that is mostly the opposite of me. We have some things in common but we like stuff that is different mostly. Like, i like to do sports and he rather play video games. We both like different kind of music also. We still hangout like every weekend, and we never get mad at each other(knock on wood) but it goes to show that it can be done. My real life example ties very well with the authors message.
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I picked the quote above because Mark and Bryon's friendship revolves around this quote. This quote also relates too the author's message about the book.

How The book connects with people

This book connects very well in my opinion. The reason i think it does is because you can connect with real life examples just like i did above. This book also has a lot of surprising things about Mark and Bryon friendship. One thing that's surprising that happens at the end of the book was Bryon called the police on Mark. This was surprising because they were considered like brothers. The book revolves around the quote that I gave.

Friendship video

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I just wanted to put this in their because I am very thankful to have a friend that stays by my side. Mark and Bryon have the opposite thing than this quote. In life most people want three things, Money, Love, and Friendship. I just have to do two of those things now.