Edition 16: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

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This Edition's Book... Number the Stars

Number the Stars is a novel based on the times during World War II in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main character, Annemarie Johansen, has a best friend - who is Jewish. Nazis are relocating all Jews and Annemarie doesn't know if she has the courage to help out her friends and family escaping Hilter's wrath in Denmark. Follow her on her journey to find out if she can brave the odds and stand up and act for what is right.

Character List

- Annemarie Johansen: Main character

- Mrs. Johansen: Annemarie's mother

- Mr. Johansen: Annemarie's father

- Lise Johansen: Annemarie's older sister (deceased)

- Kirsti Johansen: Annemarie's younger sister

- Uncle Henrik: Mrs. Johansen's brother

- Peter Nielsen: Lise's husband/Resistance member

- Ellen Rosen (Jewish): Annemarie's best friend

- Mrs. Rosen (Jewish): Ellen's mother

- Mr. Rosen (Jewish): Ellen's father

- Nazis: Hitler's army against Jews

Plot Map

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Discussion Topic 1: Cause and Effects of Pivotal Actions

Topic: Cause and Effects of Pivotal Actions

Character: Annemarie

Proposed by: Katie Ugythse

Question; "Why didn't Annemarie give Ellen her necklace back before she left for Sweden?"

Thank you Katie U. for that great question. Many were submitted, but we chose this as our big Bookie! discussion topic.

Really, I think that Annemarie didn't give it back, partially because she had forgotten and maybe she wasn't entirely sure that her Uncle was right about Germans not invading Sweden. She may have just wanted to keep Ellen safe, even if she was transported to the safest place possible. It is also possible that Annemarie wanted a piece of Ellen to keep for herself, so she would not forget the times she had with her best friend before she had to run away.

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Character Comparisons: Real Life to Fiction: Anne Frank and Annemarie Johansen

Anne and Annemarie both try to be brave over what is happening in their countries even though they are on opposite side of the receiving bar. But, they both have similar interests such as playing outside: Anne enjoys her bike while Annemarie enjoys running. They both are also deprived of certain joys from their lives. Annemarie still has most of her rights and is able to live her life in her country as peaceful as possible, while Anne has spent the last two years of her life in an attic, holding on to what is left of her life and rights. But despite the similarities, the biggest difference is their personalities. Although they try to be brave, Anne is optimistic and matures over her time in hiding, while Annemarie is scared for her friend and is thoughtful and careful about everything from the start. Another difference is that Annemarie's family is open to helping other Jewish families with no excuse, while Anne and the Van Daans are slightly wary of letting the other Jews hide with them.

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Which Number The Stars Character Are You?

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