Instructional Coaching

Manheim Central High School - Fall 2015

What Can a Coach Do for You?

Coaches can help you accomplish your professional goals and support your growth as a teacher. We help solve your classroom dilemmas -- in classroom management, assessment, pacing, planning, writing, reading, lesson design, and more through a cycle of listening, asking relevant questions, and offering insight and resources. A coach's work is consultative, not evaluative, so feel free to share your questions, concerns, and ideas in a judgment-free space where you can examine your praxis and get creative.

I look forward to working with you this year!

Who Works With a Coach?

Teachers who:

  • are new to the profession or new to the school
  • are veteran educators ready to try something new
  • want to implement a new literacy strategy
  • need support with Collins Writing
  • want feedback about an instructional or behavioral issue
  • want to see a strategy, lesson format, etc. demonstrated before trying it
  • want an extra set of eyes in their classroom
  • are struggling with some aspect of their class
  • want assistance with planning a new lesson or unit
  • have questions about an instructional strategy, classroom management tool, technology enriched assignment, educational trend, or reading/writing issue
  • are looking for resources or research to support their work

Literacy Coaching Menu of Services

Below is a menu of services outlining some of the ways in which I can help you with your literacy or instructional efforts this year. Consider which of these services would be most useful or helpful to you and email or stop by to schedule an appointment.

  • co-planning lessons
  • demonstration lessons
  • co-teaching
  • professional text study and implementation of strategies outlined in text
  • videorecording and viewing lessons
  • brainstorming about literacy, technology, new strategies, increasing instructional variety
  • help with writer's conference and peer editing
  • providing support/assistance with reading instruction, writing instruction, and/or assessment
  • providing support for data analysis at student/classroom/teacher level
  • researching and resource gathering

Adapted from Practical Literacy Coaching: A Collection of Tools to Support Your Work by Jan Miller Burkins. 2009. International Reading Association.

Raeshell Foster

Literacy & Instructional Coach

Manheim Central High School

Room 2401 in the Media Center