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One Direction

Niall Horan

Born: 13th September 1993. Niall’s favourite colour is green.Niall is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall.Niall is the second youngest member of 1D – behind Harry.

Zayn Malik

Born: 12th January 1993. Zayn has three sisters but no brothers. They’re called Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa. Zayn is a Muslim and recently tweeted "La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah", a common declaration of faith that means “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah."

Louis Tomlinson

Louis was born on Christmas Eve in 1991. Louis has five younger half-sisters: one on his father's side (Georgia), and four on his mother's side (Charlotte, Félicité, and twins Daisy and Phoebe).

Liam Payne

Liam Payne was born on 29th August 1993. Liam’s favourite colour is purple. Liam can play the guitar. Liam loves girls with nice eyes.

Harry Styles

Harry was born on 1st February 1994 making him the youngest member of One Direction. Harry’s star sign is Aquarius. In keeping with his star sign he has an “outwardly expressive, extrovert” personality.

Who in school likes 1D?

8 people in the class like 1D and 2 people do not.