Online Dangers

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What are the dangers of being online

The dangers of being online are someone random could pretend to be one of your friends

and ask you for your personal details.

The dangers of social media

The trouble with social media is there are a lot of people who pretend to be people there not so that they can get your personal details and find out where you live or find out your bank details and take money out of your bank.

People can also pretend to be someone from your bank and pretend that something has happend to your bank and they will ask for personal details

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is something like a picture that you put online so when you go to get a job the company can see the picture you've posted.


The consequences of having a digital footprint are someone could find whatever you posted online and use it against you or tell your friends and your friends could make fun of you.

Where to get help

You can get help from sites like ceops https://ceop.police.uk/ childlinehttps://www.childline.org.uk/

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