Different Kinds of Vehicles


There are many kinds of vehicles that we drive everyday and all day.There are vehicles that are used for daily based activities like the toyota camery and there are vehicles that are used for special occasions like the rolls royce.


The Toyota Camry or the Ford Focus are two of many cars that common in Canada. These kind of cars are usually bought by the Indo-Canadian community. These cars aren't expensive to buy and they get good fuel economy.


A car like the rolls royce is a car that you would use for prom.


The ford F-450 super duty is a truck for farming. Like berry farming, animal farming and etc.


A vehicle like the dodge caravan is a family vehicle also trucks like the Ford Escape, Audi Q7, Cheverlot converse, Range Rover and etc are family trucks.


A car like the Buggati Veyron Or a car like the Lamborghini Aventador are cars that you wouldn't see everyday. These cars are really expensive.


A Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari Calfornia, Ferrari 458 Italia are also very expensive cars and you also wouldn't see them everyday everywhere.


A car like the Saleen is really fast car and is also really expensive.


The mayback is one of most rarest cars that you will see.


There is a car called the Tesla and that also is very rare and you will not see it often.


There is a truck called the Ford Raptor. It's really expensive and you only see it around the Winter and the Summer. It cost around $90,000.