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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 20~ 2.2.16

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Preschool Teachers Working Hard During A Grade Level Meeting!

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Shout OUt to the montessori program!

I just finished talking with Ms. Teri Canaday, the Director of the Montessori Center in Jackson and the Montessori Educational Institute of North America. According to her, she's very pleased with the progress Ms. Parramore and Mrs. Willis has made with our Montessori program. She sang their praises and want to send people here to observe. For us to be in our first year, we have done it right and it mimics that of an established program!

Way to go Ms. Alisha and Mrs. Willis! I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication! To all Stigall staff, I encourage you to arrange a time to go down and see the great things going on!

Severe Weather/ Tornado Plan- Please review and add the handout you were given to your emergency folder

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Regional Educator Summits and the CORE Training Catalog

The department is excited to offer training for educators this summer through Regional

Educator Summits and the CORE Training Catalog. The 2016 Regional Educator

Summits will be two days in length and will be offered in each CORE region the week of

June 27 focusing on the four content areas outlined here. Additional information about

the Regional Educator Summits, including training locations and registration, will be

shared in February. Please see attachment.

We will let you know who will be involved.


Please be advised, TEAM Evaluations are in full swing! Be prepared!


  1. Please make sure students are being monitored during transition times; Reading Mastery and Dismissal.
  2. All adults should be standing at their doors watching students in the hallway.
  3. Reading Mastery- Students can dance and sing, but cannot run or touch others.
  4. Exploratory Teachers and Assistants- Please meet your students in the hallway
  5. During dismissal, we have many students who treat this time as a relay race. They need to walk and be quiet.
  6. Please send students when they are called only, at their correct time. Some teachers are sending students ahead of time and that is due to not watching who leaves your room.
  7. We start dismissing at 2:40, so please be packed up and ready.
  8. 2:40- Aftercare, Cafeteria Cars, Bus 11 and 61 to the gym only (No car riders at all).
  9. 2:45- Bus 31, 71, 81 to the Library, All other students to the gym.
  10. These things are expected and will be enforced.
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I'm here to help! I love and appreciate you all! Have an awesome week!